Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fearless Massacre in Maguindanao

Is the government doing its part to do something about this matter? They are in the position to do some sanction to these people who are behind in this massacre. How can they be so relax after what happen to these innocent people who are doing their jobs as a journalist. Are they afraid of these people who claimed that they are the most powerful people here in Mindanao. Declaring a state of emergency, is that enough to condemn these perpetrators?
I live here in Mindanao for almost two decades, I witness how Mindanao slowly develop. Mindanao has a lot to offer, whether tourist spots and many more but because of the peace and order situation. We the citizen of this Land of Promise didn't feel safe. Those in the positions are enjoying the taxes of the poor people who religiously paying it. As you can see, they build their mansions and you can they send their children to an exclusive schools. Last Saturday, I went to Cotabato City together with my Aunt's son, daughter and her two friends. As we are driving on our way Home, we witnessed how many armed men deploy in the entire road of Maguindanao. We were speculating that there was a very important person in the province that they are out in the streets. I don't have any idea that this would happen. I hope that these innocent victims can attain justice as soon as possible.

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