Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pissed off

Until now I'm in a bit of shock of what happened to me last Saturday. I'm on my way to the public market and I decided to walk just to have an exercise. When this man calling me "PARE" which means brother. I was intimidated by that person. I didn't respond but I glance at him for awhile. I'm trying to collect my thoughts if I knew him but I failed. As I passed by, he kept on calling "PARE" . I was pissed but to my surprised I lifted my hand and show fuck sign. I was guilty after doing that to the person whom I didn't know. I realize how immature Iam for fighting back. It shows that I'm not professional enough to handle such incidents like this. And made me realize I let myself and my family down again. I level my degree of education to tat person. I'm willing to apologize if we cross our ways again.

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