Thursday, July 18, 2013

I messed up big time

Just last week my friends and I went to Surigao, del Sur to have good time with each other after a long separation. In the last day, we went window shopping, share laughter and eating together. When we decided to go home it's past 3 p.m. We reach van terminal at around 4 p.m. due to traffic because it was rush hour. There's a van available. We place our belongings and all of a sudden there's a a commotion going on. My friend doesn't want to put the baggage of other passenger in the middle of their seats because she's uncomfortable. The driver was mad, so he told us to leave and transfer to the next van. As a friend, I went with them. We waited for the van to full with 12 passengers on it. We leave Davao City at around 6 p.m. While on the road the driver drives so fast in my estimate it reach 100 kph. We almost got into accident because our driver overtake to the 10 wheeler truck and there's a strange man who happen to pass on the other lane. According to one of the passenger he had save by his guardian angel. I reach home past 9 p.m. First thing I noticed is my mother's expression. She is mad why I'm late even though  she never speak to me. It's a daughter instinct I guess. That Tuesday afternoon she bade goodbye to me and went to the farm her second home. We exchanged text messages if she want to know something or she want me to do some things. I think were okay for that moment. 
Awhile ago, my dad went home to finish his things to do list. Unfortunately, he didn't finish it because of the rain and because of me. I am so inconsiderate person. I let my dad suffer and be wet. Now, my mother is mad at me. Why I'm like this? I always prioritize my friends rather than my family. I should have use my coconut shell to decide what comes first. I feel guilty for my dad. I'm sorry dad. I'm sorry Mom. 

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