Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"Every one has it's own story"- Dad

I had one conversation with my Dad last Thursday noon while having lunch he told me what he was been doing when he was still young. His accomplishment and being a child like. How his mother and father strive hard to raise him as a man. How his siblings helped and send him to school and get quality education. My father is just a simple man. When he knows you are lonely he will try his beslt to put a smile on your lips. My father is a happy person. He seldom talks about his past that's why I grabbed the opportunity to listen to him and ask questions. At the end of his story he will quote "every one has it' own story". My dad is right we are the one who are making our own story whether it's good or bad. There are certain event in our lives that we can't forget. And people may come and go in our lives.That's life is.

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