Monday, February 16, 2009

Chris Brown Speaks Out

Chris Brown is a rising rock and ballad singer who recently involved in an accident that will ruined his career. His publicist release a statement.
"Words cannot begin to express how sorry and saddened I am over what transpired. I am seeking the counseling of my pastor, my mother and other loved ones and I am committed, with God's help, to emerging a better person. "Much of what has been speculated or reported on blogs and/or reported in the media is wrong. "While I would like to be able to talk about this more, until the legal issues are resolved, this is all I can say except that I have not written any messages or made any posts to Facebook, on blogs or any place else. "Those posts or writings under my name are frauds," the statement concludes.
The 19-year-old Brown allegedly attacked an unnamed woman the night before both he and reported girlfriend Rihanna were scheduled to perform on the Grammys last Sunday. Later, Rihanna reportedly checked into in Los Angeles hospital to tend to injuries. Brown was subsequently arrested on suspicion of domestic violence and released on $50,000 bail. He may face charges from the district attorney's office.
I hope he can fix his problem before it's too late.

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Manang Kim said...

Hmmmm! Good thing he has a $50,000 for bailout or else kalabuso siya. Ang ganda pa naman nang diamond erring hehe.