Friday, February 6, 2009

My Romantic gift

Since the valentine's day is fast approaching, I had lots of things in my mind that I'm going to surprise my special someone. For the whole afternoon, I was searching the Internet and hoping to find what I'm looking for. And the Internet didn't let me down. I found Cheap Holidays wherein they cater the cheapest holidays, discount hotels and last minute flights thousands of bargain holiday destinations around the world and they are here to help you choose the one that’s perfect for you. An the wonderful services that they are giving is they will help you make the travel right choices or destinations. They are featuring great travel guides with detailed tourist information about one of the world's most popular holidays and countries. This i all the package that I want. I'm sure my special someone will surely love all of this information. I can't wait to talk to her and relay to her this amazing thoughts about travelling and visit some beautiful views. I travel a lot because I work as a tourism in one of the finest travelling agency here in our city. I will recommend this too to my friends because they love nature tripping too. And they will surely enjoy if I want them to come with us and spent our valentine with a group. I hope she will agree on my suggestion. Stop staring and start sharing this details just visit their website at

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Manang Kim said...

With what is happening here in US, I guess hubby and me will just travel what is closest to us. Or just take dinner on that day somewhere or I will prepare dinner and stay home.
I was thinking if only we have kalatsutsi here I might make a garland for hubby hahahaha. But wala eh kaya candy nalang kaya hahaha. Have a happy weekend my dear friend. God bless!!