Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Abdominal Pain

Last Sunday, I experience abdominal pain which my brother rushed me to a nearby clinic. The findings of the Doctor is I'm acidic. Coca Cola is not allowed anymore and junk foods. So sad, I love to drink and eat all this kind of foods. I will just be contented in eating oatmeal and milk. That day, I prayed hard to Divine Mercy, your will be done , O Lord whatever happen to me.


Manang Kim said...

Oh oh that is not good. SAbi nila ang acidic stomach daw or an acidic body can get different kinds of illnesses. So byebye to sodas and junk food. Pero alam mo missed ko na ang chippy hehe.

janz said...

@Manag Kim,
isang factor sumakit ang tyan ko dahil sa chippy. Ang style ko mag eat chippy with vinegar. Hmmm..yummy!