Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pooh and Pokwang

Pooh and Pokwang are my favorite comedienne. They are stunning when they performing in the stage. I like their jokes. Pokwang is a host of noon time show wowowee and before she works in japan as an entertainer. She was the winner of one of the gag show on ABS-CBN. And after that projects continues to shower her way. While Pooh was discovered in Bar shows. He was a standing comedian. Until, one portion of wowowee were comediennes, He was portraying Manny Poohkyaw. I love there tandem.


Manang Kim said...

They are my favorite comediane too. Gandahan ako sa mga shows nila abroad, lalo na makikita ko nang free sa You Tube hehe.

janz said...

@manang kim, hehehehhe!
they are the one of a heck of performers talaga!