Thursday, November 3, 2011

Being a lesbian is a disease?

Young Janz was exposed to the reality when she was in her elementary years. She lived in an environment wherein there's a lesbian couple occupying their apartment. At first she thought they are just best friends. But her thorough research she found out that her neighbors are couples. She began having crushes with her female playmates, classmates, schoolmates even her teachers. She met Stephanie when we was in grade four. That time Stephanie was her dream girl. She possess a filipina beauty, fair skin, long hair and had a beautiful smile. For three long years, every time she saw Stephanie she would get nervous or tremble. One time she bumped Stephanie in the canteen that was recess period. Her world turn upside down. The only problem with Janz before is she doesn't have the guts to tell Stephanie that she like her. 
There's one reason why she can't confessed to Stephanie what she feel because of the rumors spreading the school. Such as: Liking a girl is abnormal feeling. Besides your committing a sin. You two doesn't belong together. Janz was devastated having heard all this stuff.

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Anonymous said...

where is stephanie???