Monday, May 28, 2012

I don't Know

My friend from college called me up yesterday and told me that my ex girlfriend will getting married on July 5, 2012. My first reaction was shock and surprise. I wasn't prepared to hear this news from her. I know we've been separated for 5 years and until this time I didn't replace her in my heart. I cannot blame her for what she did to me. It is nice to know that she found the person that she will going to spend the rest of her life. I don't know how to react or expect. I don't wan to be bitter for her. 5 years of being single maybe enough. It's time for me to look for the person to love and somehow to be loved. This is it.. I have to accept the fact that she is happy with someone else. she is destined to a person that she can be proud of. Of course, I'm hurt for hearing this news. But what could I do. I should stop thinking of her. I should move on with my life. Plan my future without her. Being single has been a roller coaster ride. I hope I'm not to late to open my heart to some else and spend my time with her. How I wish I can feel the butterfly in my stomach again or swim on the cloud nine. I hope time will come this loneliness of mine will going to end.

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