Friday, May 18, 2012

Relaxed Day

I woke up 6 in the morning today. Went to my dog cages, I release Hatchi first and then fifi to make their morning pee and poo. Then I feed them. I put all the seven puppies in the ground and clean their house. I cooked rice, I boiled water, and dog food. I open the store, sweep-ed with stick broom  outside the store. Turn the radio on to listen to news. While sweeping inside the house, I listen to my favorite radio show "tambalan with Nicole Hyala and Chris Tsuper" at 8am. While seeping my coffee and guard the store. For one whole hour that I tuned in I'm so glad, happy and at the same time burst into laughter. My morning will not not complete without these two guys who answer the questions of their listeners. And the best part of the show is they dramatize the situation of person who is asking question. After my brother left for work, I went at the back and repack ice water. Turn my cellphone and internet on then I played poker. when nature calls, I took a bath. Eat my breakfast which I purchased my viand to my cousin's eatery, pochero for P15. Then I watched television. When it was 5 in the afternoon my Mom came home from the farm and I cooked our dinner. I fried lechon. Aunt Lyda and Mae my best friend share their prawn and crabs to us. It was delicious my  mom's favorite food. It was not that busy. I just had a relaxed day.

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