Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Get Well Nanay Cana

Aunt Celsa 
Celsa B. Delgado (Nanay Cana) is one of my closest aunt. When we are together we never notice the time we talked because we never run out of topic. I can't reach Bulacan or anywhere else because of her. She is kind, generous and easy to be with. Sometimes, she will ask me Do you like this? I'll buy it for you. Sometimes I turn her down because I'm ashamed. When I heard that she is going in and out of the hospital, I was terrified and worried. Nanay Cana has aneurysm for quite a long time. I saw her two weeks ago when I give her banana then I left. She is all right that time, but few days past she was admitted to the hospital again for rising her blood pressure. I miss her, her laugh, our chat, our bond together. I pray that she will get through with her sickness. I love you Nanay Cana and be strong. I'll see you soon....

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