Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My journey of losing weight part 2

I work my ass out everyday to achieve my 55 kilos goal. If you could imagine my sweat was dripping throughout my body not to mention my muscles pain. My determination, sacrifices, and support of the people  I love keeps me going. Internet and electricity were the primary tool that I reach my goal without I am still the old Janz who were living unhealthy lifestyle. I think there is nothing wrong if I go beyond my past goal weight.  Currently, I'm reaching my 50 kilos weight goal. I weighted just this morning I'm 52 kilos, another 2 kilos to burn. I encourage my close friends to do the same because we are not getting any younger. By and by we will reach 30 years old. That's what I always told them. I want to inspire my readers to do the same. There is noting wrong with exercise. God gave you 24 hours a day, if you love yourself enough why don't you spend even an hour a day to exercise. There is nothing to lose if you will do it. Don't forget to Pray for guidance. Good luck readers:)

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