Wednesday, March 18, 2009

American Idol

Im a huge fan of American Idol. This Tuesday night's "American Idol" celebrated the Grand Ole Opry with country songs, and Grammy Award-winning country artist Randy Travis acted as the contestants' mentor. The competition was especially heated because the 10 contestants who make it through will be part of this summer's "American Idol" tour. Michael Sarver launched the night with Garth Brooks's "Ain't Going Down." Randy Jackson told Michael, "It was a cool song choice. It showed a fun side to you, but I don't think it showed us your vocal capabilities." Kara DioGuardi added, "We got to see your personality, but it is the big notes that I missed this week." Paula Abdul said, "It is a great Garth Brooks song. To me, it allowed you to have fun, which let us have fun. I thought this is the genre that suits you so well." Simon Cowell agreed with Paula's statement about the genre, but commented, "I always thought this kind of music suits you, but I couldn't understand a single word you said. I thought it was a bit clumsy. At this point, it is about you being a star. You came over as a karaoke guy." My bet is Lil Round.

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