Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour

As I finished my laundry, I check my cell phone right away the time was 8:36p.m. I ran immediately to our switch lights. Then I turn it off. I have nothing to do for one hour because of no electricity. I went outside to water our plants. After watering I went inside to play with Alex. Then blessing in disguise the rain poured. I was very happy and I keep on thanking God for this miraculous event. But on the other hand, my brother doesn't even bother to switch off the computer. I had resentment on him. Just an hour of sacrifice to save mother earth from global warming he can't do. I don't know if he care for the environment. Oh! Divine Mercy forgive my brother for he doesn't know what he has done.


Manang Kim said...

oh janz, forgive me too I didn't do it.

janz said...

@ate Kim,
it's ok ate Kim..