Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I love Ellen De Generes

I have fun watching Ellen TV show. I like the way she dance and the way she entertain her guest. The thing I love most is her games. She is very competitive. I love everything about her. I hope she and Portia will be happy together. Ellen, you're the best and you're my inspiration.


Manang Kim said...

At first I don't like her and I don't watched her shows. But one time I stumbled on her show and sticked for a bit. It was the show that she was talking about her mother I found out how she respected and love her mother and that change my perspective on her. I was kind of different on her before because of her sexual preference but I found out on myself that what matters most is the love and respect to people specially to our parents and she had that to her mother.
I even like her than Oprah hehe. I too hope and wish that they will be forever inlove and Portia will take care of her.

Jing Jing said...