Saturday, May 10, 2008

Good Samaritan

Sometimes,its good to show generosity to other people.Just like last week.There was a crazy man, sleeping in the bench outside of our store.He wears dirty clothes.I think he doesn't took a bath for a long time.He has long goatee that covered his face.He stayed there for the whole afternoon.Blessing in disguise, we have banana left that Tita Emma Duque was given to us.Instead, of throwing the banana I suggested to my Mom that we should give it to him.Without further adieu, I give him the bananas, without hesitation He took it and Without saying "Thank You". I watch Him eat. I think he doesn't eat for quite sometime.He is starving to death.But my customers are hesitant to buy in our store.They thought that He might hurt them because of his appearance.That late afternoon,I called the police station to pick him up.I waited for long so what I did was I change my clothes and go to their station.I went to their Chief of Police and filed my complain.Then immediately he ask his personnel to check the man in our sore.The man was afraid to come with them.But later on, He peacefully went to the station escorted by the police men.As I stare at Him,He was just standing outside the Police Station.I cant help it,I ran inside our house to get my old clothes and give it to Him so that he can change his dirty clothes.As I was asking the police men who captured him, how he was doing?They told me that He was gone.I feel guilty for doing that to Him.I thought I saw Jesus Christ in his personality.As the seven beatitudes clothed the naked and help the needy.

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