Friday, May 23, 2008

Criss Angel,are you for real?

I started watching Criss Angel show entitled "MIND FREAK" in star world. I was impressed by his magic tricks and the way he treat people that he work with. And mostly I was impress by the way he shows his love to his mother.It's inspiring to see them both. As I continued to watch Criss Angels episodes, I slowly appreciate the magic.
But there are questions that hang into my head. Is magic real? Is magic really exist? If there's magic, we have peace. No wars between the powerful countries such as America, Iraq and so on and so fort.
There has lots of episode that Criss Angel struck me most in his magic tricks and left a question at the back of my head. Where he is on the top of the building, he transferred to another building by flying. Without any devices that attached to him.It is impossible but for him it is possible. He walked on the top of a swimming pool barefooted.
When he was in Las Vegas there were plenty of people watching him, he ask for a volunteer. One woman who stood up and he hypnotized her. He ask the woman to close her eyes. Then he slowly lift the woman. Place her into lying position where there is fountain of water underneath woman's body. She is like sleeping in the bed.
He also have a talent in premonition. He predict what will be the lucky numbers that will come out in the lottery. There are many impressive and unbelievable deeds of Criss Angel. He also shared his
Three Keys to success:
  • PASSION and

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