Monday, May 26, 2008

My Days Off with my cousins

  • I went to Davao City for Vacation together with my relatives. I spent 4 days off in Davao. Those four days with my relatives is quiet remembering, I enjoyed their company and their generosity. We left Tacurong City on January 5.We ride in a van which a family friend owned. In the trip I noticed, that my relatives are chatting with each other instead of praying for our safety . When we arrived at my cousin's place,I first noticed their colorful, beautiful, organize plants and their elegant house. They welcome us warmly.
  • Day 1,we rest.we talk certain things.Such as how's life going on and planning to do for the day.
  • Day 2,we went to Maligaya a garden which by my cousin Lyhra and husband Noel. The place is wonderful to see and the fresh air that touches my cheeks. We pick flowers and play around the garden. As if we were young kids.
  • Day 3,we went to the mall. We stroll and eat Filipino Cuisine. I didn't bought souvenir for because I have no allowance.My relatives are the ones who is spending for me. The sad part is we bade goodbye to my cousin Lynel, ate Becky, Kuya ed and dear Chelsea Heather. They will go home to manila and go back to their respective works.
  • Day 4,my aunt and I prepare ourselves to go home in our beloved hometown. Why is it that it is hard to say goodbye to the one you love?

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