Tuesday, November 11, 2008

'DWTS' Monday: Foxtrot Fever!

The heat in the dance floor is on with only five couples left on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars." Performing a grueling two new dances this evening -- including a 15-second solo dance - the competition was fierce on the dance floor once again. Get your recap here!

"Hannah Montana" star Cody Lindley and his substitute partner Edyta Sliwinska were the first out of the gate with a fun Foxtrot which caught the judges by surprise. "Sophisticated, elegant -- your most grown-up performance yet," said Bruno Tonioli, who delivered a score of 8. "I was pleasantly surprised," agreed Len Goodman, who also gave an 8. "I thought you came out and did a really top-notch job." Carrie Anne Inaba was also pleased, but deducted a technical point from their score because Edyta's foot came up off the floor. Tough! With another 8, the couple had a total of 24.

In their second dance, Cody and Edyta took on the Mambo to slightly less enthusiasm. "You definitely have the mambo fever -- it was a little spasmodic at times," said Bruno. Carrie Anne agreed, saying, "A for effort, A for energy, but it was a little erratic," while Len supportively offered, "I thought you've done two good dances tonight. Well done." The couple received three 8 scores for a total of 24.

The top-rated couple on the show, Brooke Burke and Derek Hough had a tough standard to maintain while dancing the Tango, and while Bruno and Carrie Anne raved, Len was cranky in his assessment: "I'm afraid it was riddled with mistakes." But Bruno said they were "stunning" and Carrie Anne proclaimed, "That is why you are the last woman standing -- you are beyond phenomenal. It was pitch perfect." Both gave them a 10, while Len only allowed an 8, for a total of 28.

For their second dance, the Mambo, the high score kept coming with nines from all three judges, but the criticism was sharp for Brooke and Derek. "It was so ambitious it got a little frantic at times," said Carrie Anne, while Len said, "I thought that was a very ambitious performance."

Olympic sprinting champ Maurice Greene and his partner Cheryl Burke danced the Foxtrot to the strains of "Puttin' On the Ritz," and the judges cheered. Carrie Anne said, "I loved it! You just looked so refined out there," and gave them an 8. Len agreed with another 8, saying, "You flew around that floor -- you had great footwork; I thought you did a really good job." Bruno also gave up an 8, saying, "You kept it going all the way through with aplomb." With smiles on their faces, the couple danced away with a total of 24.

For their Pasa Doble, Bruno proclaimed, "Strong, imposing, very powerful -- you're doing well tonight," and gave Maurice and Cheryl an 8. "It had attack, it had aggression. Well done," agreed Len, with another 8. "That was fantastic. I love that intensity," said Carrie Anne, delivering their third 8 for a total of 24.

Next, former *NSYNC star Lance Bass and Lacey Schwimmer did their version of the Foxtrot to encouraging remarks from the panel. "You've cleaned up the act -- I thought you had some great elements in there. The overall theme I thought was very good," said Len, giving them an 8. "It was great -- I really, really enjoyed it," agreed Bruno, giving up a complimentary 9. Carrie was also feeling the love with a 9, saying, "You are truly a bright light."

But for their second dance with Lance's 15-second solo work, Len said, "I would have liked to have seen a samba flavor to it. You must work on your footwork." He gave them a 7. Carrie gave up an 8 and said, "I think you really did a good job," but had a problem with Lance's eyeline being too high. Bruno was the most impressed, giving the couple a 9 and saying, "You owned the audience. Great job."

The last couple of evening, football great Warren Sapp and Kym Johnson, started with the Tango. Despite Kym's suffering an injury to her shoulder, the two killed on the dance floor -- and Warren finally knew what it felt like to score a 10 (from Carrie Anne)! "Watch out James Bond, Warren Sapp is back and he does a mean Tango," said Bruno, who gave up a 9. "Last week a flop, this week on top. You're in it now," agreed Len with another 9, while Carrie said, "You connect with the audience and you make us feel like we're in the number."

Warren and Kym's second dance -- in which Warren tried to show off some fancy footwork in his 15-second solo -- had a less-than-enthusiastic reception. "Everybody loved watching you, but the feet were very flat," said Bruno, but he still gave them a 9. "You epitomize the saying, 'I can dance with joy,'" said Len, giving them an 8, while Carrie Anne joked, "What amazes me is how your feet kept going," but added, "I loved all your energy. Great job on the choreography." She gave them a 9 for a total score of 26.

Watch ET for all the highlights of Monday night's competition! Good Luck Guys..

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