Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sarah Palin: Candid on Criticisms, 'Fashiongate' and Her Future

Sarah Palin who try her luck in running as the vice president of the USA. What's next for Sarah Palin? The Alaska governor and former VP hopeful tells reporter Art Harris in a new ET interview!

"I don't have any idea what the next chapter in life is going to open up into," Palin says from her Anchorage office. "And I look forward to the surprises that life offers. Around every corner, there's something new. So, I look forward to seeing what happens next. But for now, it's great to be back in the governor's office."

And what does she think of the controversy known as "Fashiongate" -- and the frenzy of rumors that, following the last McCain/Palin hurrah in Phoenix, the GOP was dispatching lawyers from Washington, D.C. to inspect her closets for any MIA designer duds out of the reported $150,000 wardrobe it purchased? Palin told Harris she spent Thursday at home unpacking and sorting her clothes from their clothes, which had been promised to charity after the campaign.

There were recent rumors that Palin was put on notice to be ready for a "clothes audit."

"There is no clothes audit except for when the belly of the plane got all cleaned out," Palin says. "All the piles of clothes they had in there, they wanted me at my house to go through it and box things up and send it. We should have done that when we were in Arizona, because we had half a day. Yeah, I was doing that last night…

"But I heard, too, on the news, there were attorneys coming out to do such a thing [audit the clothes]. There are no attorneys coming up. There's no need for it or anything else. But that'll be nice to have that chapter closed because, as I said from day one, I have never asked for anything and I'm not keeping anything, either," Palin says.

So, how does she feel about some of the criticisms leveled at her during the campaign? "Very disappointed to tell you the truth," Palin tells Harris. "It tells me there is good reason why good people maybe choose not to get into politics because, as I say, too many false allegations based on untruths would naturally make people be hesitant to jump into the fray like this. You've got to have really, really thick skin, and you've got to be so determined and focused on the mission you are on."

"I'm able to do that," Palin adds, "but certainly I can understand why a lot of people wouldn't want to jump in and [be] victim to some of that garbage that goes on. It's such a waste of time!" I hope she will face all the criticism she encounter.

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