Saturday, November 15, 2008

"A Million Good Things"

All of us are going to die. We don't know when or how but as long as we are breathing, we should bear in mind that doing good things in our neighbor is one of our purpose here on earth. It is one of the commandment that God made for us. "Love your neighbors as yourself".
We are responsible for our fellow men. We should always put in our minds that doing good things to others it makes Jesus smile. A website has open it's doors to know what you have done in doing A million Good things. Visit their site and tell the world what have you have done good things for the day. It's open to everybody. So, start spread your good things now.

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Diane L. Harris said...

Janiz, you are so much fun and I sense such a delightful openness and loving heart in you. I pray that God keeps His hand on you and that you will be guided more each day to the clear path He has designed for you to follow. Thanks for the smiles you bring.