Monday, December 8, 2008


I have known ate Alice Garcia when I enter the organization of Divine Mercy Apostolate here in our city. I love the members of this organization even though I'm young from the group. They welcome me with open arms and I can talk to them as if they were my friends as a matter of fact they are widows, singles and married. We went to different places here in Mindanao. If not for divine mercy I didn't see and appreciate how beautiful Mindanao is.
When ate Alice died at the age of 63 because of heart problem all of us were very sad. She is our coordinator and at the top of her lifestyle she went down to embrace the poor because of her devotion to the divine mercy. I'm very lucky to know her goodness. That's why I made this post to pay tribute to her. Let me copy the poem that her daughter in law made for her. And for mothers out there here's a poem for you too..
I dreamed of Mama walkin' the heavenly stairs
Medals for mothers were given up there
They mentioned a million things Mom did for me
Things I took for granted and never could see

If there's medals for mothers
For all of the deeds they have done
If there's medals for mothers
Mama you'd win every one.

A medal for honor
Was pinned on her there
A medal for beauty she won up above
The biggest of all was the one for her love.

If there's medal for mothers
For all the deeds they have done
If there's medals for mothers
My Mama Alice, you'd win every one.

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