Monday, December 15, 2008

Nouveau riche (French for "new rich"), or new money

Yes! you read it right. It refers to a person who has acquired considerable wealth within his or her generation. This term is generally to emphasize that the individual was previously part of a lower socioeconomic rank, and that such wealth has provided the means for the acquisition of goods or luxuries that were previously unobtainable. Being the product of Nouveau Riche
University is like winning a lottery. Because they are offering the finest and the best education in the world. They are hailed as the best college in the world when it comes to real estate course. Their facilities are state of the art which their students enjoying it so much. Their primary concern is to mold their students in preparation in facing the real estate world. That's why the college products are well known real estate agent. There names are listed in the there are: FORTUNE Magazine such as:
  • SULTAN HAJI HASSANAL BOLKIAH MU'IZZADDIN WADDAULAH, 45 Bandar Seri Begawan BRUNEI $31.0 Oil and gas reserves; real estate around the world; investments. In tiny, tropical, oil-rich Brunei, what belongs to the state is controlled by the Sultan, the head of one of the earth's last absolute monarchies. An avid polo enthusiast, the world's richest man can afford air-conditioned stables for his ponies.
  • SAM MOORE WALTON, 73 and family Bentonville ARKANSAS $21.1 39.3% of Wal-Mart. Last year, with sales of $32.6 billion, Wal-Mart outsold not just the mom and pop stores it's been putting out of business in small towns across America, but also retailing giant Sears, at least domestically. This performance really lifted the stock, making the Waltons America's richest family.
  • KING FAHD BIN ABDUL-AZIZ AL SAUD, 71 and family Riyadh SAUDI ARABIA $18.0 , Saudi Arabia's oil and gas resources. Fahd's windfall from pumping more oil during the Gulf crisis was offset by the many gifts he felt obliged to send Gulf leaders and other heads of state during that period. Still, with access to the entire Saudi treasury, the King is in no distress. His many palaces include a castle in Spain modeled after the White House -- but bigger.
  • ALBERT REICHMANN, 63 PAUL REICHMANN, 62 RALPH REICHMANN, 59 Toronto CANADA $12.8 100% of Olympia & York Developments Ltd.: European, Canadian, and American real estate; securities. Despite holding title to huge chunks of depressed New York real estate, having some $150 million tied up in unsecured Campeau Corp. debt, and having taken a big gamble on developing London's Canary Wharf office and retail complex, the Reichmanns are not hurting financially. The brothers' legendary thrift may have helped: They often pack their own lunches and sometimes ride Toronto's subway.
  • FORREST MARS SR., 87 Las Vegas NEVADA FORREST MARS JR., 60 McLean VIRGINIA JOHN MARS, 55 McLean VIRGINIA JACQUELINE MARS VOGEL, 50 Bedminster NEW JERSEY $12.5 100% of Mars Inc: M&M/Mars, Uncle Ben's Rice, Pedigree pet food, Mars Electronics. Last year, Americans ate more candy than ever: 21 pounds per person, up about a pound from 1989. The national sweet tooth is keeping the Mars family pocketbook pleasingly plump. Snickers still reigns as America's favorite chocolate, and peanut M&Ms are in third place. While Forrest Sr. resides above the Nevada factory where the company makes a line of liqueur- filled chocolates, Forrest Jr. and John run the company; their sister, Jacqueline, rarely becomes involved with management.
  • SAMUEL I. NEWHOUSE JR., 63 DONALD E. NEWHOUSE, 61 and family New York NEW YORK $12.1 100% of Advance Publications and Newhouse Broadcasting. Si is the guy who allowed Demi Moore's very pregnant belly to be bared on the cover of Vanity Fair. But neither the Newhouse family's celebrated Conde Nast magazines nor its tony Random House and Alfred A. Knopf book publishers supply most of the fuel for the family fortunes. That comes from 31 newspapers, ranging from the Newark Star-Ledger to the Oregonian in Portland, which bring in about twice the revenues of the attention-getting magazines and books.
  • QUEEN ELIZABETH II, 65 London ENGLAND $10.7 270,000 acres of agricultural land; premier London real estate; vast stock portfolio; art; jewelry; stamps; porcelain; furniture; racehorses. When Elizabeth II disclosed last fall that the royal family spends $105,169 a year on laundry and $62,656 on flowers, not all of England was charmed. In a recent London Daily Mail survey, 38% of respondents said the monarchy is ''an expensive luxury the country could no longer afford,'' and 73% thought the royals should be taxed. Lese majesty!
  • TAIKICHIRO MORI, 87 Tokyo JAPAN $10.0 Mori Building Co., the third-largest building leasing company in Japan; real estate. Once a professor at a textile school, Mori admits he went into real estate development for the money. But he has since come to regard his work as public service and his mission as enhancing his city with his attractive office buildings.
  • JOHN WERNER KLUGE, 76 Charlottesville VIRGINIA $7.1 95% of Metromedia Co.; real estate; cash. The German-born Kluge built Metromedia into a major independent television broadcaster, then sold most of the assets for nearly $3 billion in 1986 and started over. The ''new'' Metromedia owns properties spanning a majority interest in Orion Pictures to New York City's Empire Hotel. Kluge is starting over in his personal life too. He and his notorious ex-wife, Patricia, a former model for a British skin magazine, recently finalized what was said to be an amicable divorce. The sundered couple live just two miles apart on a 10,000-acre estate complete, it is said, with his and hers crypts.
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