Sunday, December 14, 2008

Nouveau Riche the One-Stop-Shop for successful Real Estate Investing

Before I encountered problem with my nephew Amboy. He was lazy to go to school after he graduated from high school. I pity his family because her mother is a house wife and he just lose his father. To give my moral and financial support to his family I encourage him to go back to school. I will shoulder all the expenses in taking his college degree. I carefully choose the school that gives quality education to their students. And most of all attend their students needs. I search in the Internet and found out about Nouveau Riche, a Real Estate Investment College. There colleges enable students to select courses within various curriculum paths. Each Nouveau Riche college course has been designed to teach you "how-to" real estate investment concepts and strategies. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of several short-term and long-term real estate investment strategies. Experience a dynamic education in the midst of like-minded people who share common goals and interests. Participate in case studies, classroom discussion and role-playing exercises that will aid your information retention. We'll help you build your confidence while learning the procedures, concepts and rules of the real estate investment game. Better yet, we'll be there to support you as you put your education into ACTION.
Nouveau Riche is also called as the One-Stop-Shop for successful Real Estate Investing because Nouveau Riche does not just teach Real Estate Investing…They create Real Estate Investors. Nouveau Riche’s blend of education and Community Benefit Companies not only teaches adults the way to CREATE WEALTH through successful Real Estate Investing, but simultaneously offers the support and resources to start investing! The Nouveau Riche Founders, Jim Piccolo, Mary Piccolo, and Bob Snyder knew that the combination of applied knowledge from the Nouveau Riche College and the support from the Nouveau Riche Community Benefit Companies could change the landscape of an entire industry and perhaps, contribute to changing the world…one family at a time. The Nouveau Riche Mission Statement
“Nouveau Riche is the lifestyle that you have always dreamed of, where you can generate the money that you deserve, thus creating options for success, providing the freedom that you and your family need for the future.”
Nouveau Riche created a blog site which gives their readers the information they want to know. They are offering forums and seminars to help us building our confidence in real estate business.
Dr. Laura Palmer Noone, former president of the University of Phoenix, has been named chief executive officer at Nouveau Riche University, a Scottsdale school with a small-business and entrepreneurial focus that admitted its first student last month. Noone retired from the University of Phoenix, a unit of the Apollo Group, in 2006. She serves on the Arizona Board for Private Postsecondary Education and the Arizona Family College Savings Plan oversight committee. She also is involved with the Child Crisis Center, Banner Health Foundation of Arizona, Fresh Start Women's Foundation and the American Heart Association. Nouveau was founded by entrepreneur Jim Piccolo with the intent of offering practical knowledge for jump-starting students' careers. It offers associate and bachelor's degrees in business.
If you want to know more about their University just visit their website.

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