Friday, December 19, 2008

My nephew loves Mac Games

My nephew is addicted in playing games online. He loves to stay in the computer all day long. He fights with his cousins every time they sit in in the computer. Sometimes if he is in the mood he will share his computer. One afternoon, I asked him, Andoy what online games you always play? He immediately told me that "tita, its mac games where they feature all my favorite games such as My Tribe - an Amazing sim game. A game which played in a perfect scenario where you are shipwrecked on a beautiful tropical island. It will test your braveness by little tribes people who need shelter and must build a new home and it’s up to you to help them. With your expert guidance, your peeps will also uncover mysterious secrets, research new technologies, design their own clothes, plant trees and flowers, basically create wonderful and useful inventions so that life on the island thrives. The game plays in real time so come back often to see progress, to continue to feed your tribe, clothe them, and look after the babies and children. Another game featured which I love, he added is the Miss Teri Tale wherein I feel like I'm a detective agent seeking and solving the answers to the mystery.
Another game featured by mac games is the Mac solitaire. It's a game that well known to the world. Because of the technology you can now play online. It's fun, easy and bringing back the classic solitaire games like klondike, spider, and free cell. There are so many different options with this game, you can even customize the settings to have your favorite cards and background colors. Simply Solitaire is the classic style solitaire game everyone remembers and loves, get sucked into this huge variety of all the solitaire games. One great thing about simply solitaire is you get the enjoyment of all the solitaire games on your mac! Play simply solitaire and enjoy it at your own leisurely pace. With so many different styles of solitaire, you will have a hard time deciding which one to play first. Become addicted once again with this all time favorite. Play these games when you are bored, when you need a little challenge, or when you want to bring the old school back.
They are also featuring iphone games one game i surely enjoyed is iSnap all you have to do is
Drag, pull and release the ball so it flies up into the air and lands on the board, where gems will be cleared. If the ball lands on grouped gems of the same color, the whole group will be eliminated. Clear as many gems as fast as possible before the board fills up to the top, and try to beat the highest score.
Now I understand why my nephew loves mac games. So come on guys, introduce this game to your kids and I'm sure that they are going to love this too just like my nephew.

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