Friday, June 24, 2011

Dealing with trials

Two weeks ago I attended a birthday at the  same time farewell party of Kathy, whose a sister of my batch mate in high school. In that party I noticed Charish on what side of a corner. She was my school mate in one of the exclusive school in our town. She was one year older than me. I went to her post and start having a conversation. For almost ten years of not seeing each other we talked about her family and her two children, then her business. In the middle of our conversation she had a teary eye.She admitted that two years ago her husband made an affair with another woman and her life became miserable. That started her bankruptcy. She almost lost everything she possess. The sad part is they almost lost their home. Through her positive thinking and good strategy in life she made it because of  refinance who is there to answer all her needs. This program help those home owners who has encountering problems in paying their mortgage. This program is one way to get her feet back. She was down that time and nobody could help her that time. Thanks to for your wonderful program that can save lives not only for Charish but her two lovely children as well. If you have some questions regarding their program just visit their website.

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