Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Miami Heat knock Dallas Maverick in Game 1


Count me in as one of the billion fans of NATIONAL BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION (NBA). I woke up early today, did all my household chores as fast as I can. Turn on the television and get the (banig) a handwoven mat which we used in sleeping or sitting.  I get my pillow and whola! I have the best position. I called (ganda) the name of my dog to accompany while cheering on the Dallas. But after a few minutes of sleeping beside me, she will sneak in my room  to have her nap. When fourth quarter came and last two minutes, I'm so quite.  Wade just fired up in the second half and the 3 point shot made by James was the bell to awaken the sleeping players of Miami. Congratulations Miami but there's six games to go to proclaim the champion of 2011 Season.

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