Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Feel free to consult

I have known  Kimberly way back elementary years. After we graduated from elementary she went far away and finish he degree. I lose contact from her until we bumped each other in the public terminal. Upon riding the bus we were talking about our life together until she opened up her problem in  her manufacturing business. She is dealing bankruptcy. She was crying because the money that she invested in her business was her fruits of her labor while working abroad. I can't bear to see her that way. When we parted our ways I went home and search  in the internet to find some answers to her problem. Good thing found Sacramento bankruptcy attorney who is renowned firm in their country. Gerald B. Glazer is a very approachable guy. He offer quality service and take note he doesn't take charge in consultation. Immediately I told kimerly and she was delighted. If you have any questions and things to clarify just call him at 916-442-3111 or visit them at

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