Monday, June 6, 2011

Me and my friends on Saturday night

I'm so busy during weekend because of my household chores and I did some marketing for our store. I also went to public terminal wherein the ukay ukay or the second hand clothing were selling are being transferred to that particular place. I spend almost three hours of selecting in shoes,shirts,socks and shorts. But after those hours spent I only bought one shirt and four pairs of socks. I was tired not because of standing ad walking but the weather was so hot. I went home and update my facebook page. Then  I watched The last song by Miley Cyrus. After watching I received a text message from Clemen  that we will going out and for sure to have fun. I prepared myself instantly then they pick me up. We went to Koronadal City almost 9 in the evening. We went to EMR Center to watch the band performed live. I don't know what the bad name is. We drunk brandy then beer. We went home at 2 in the morning. We bought balut is boiled egg which is very poplar food in our country. After eating balut we bought ice cream. We enjoyed laughing and food tripping.

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