Friday, June 13, 2008

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is set to steal big money and kisses in 'The Governess,' a romantic comedy in which she'll play a pro thief. According to Variety, the new mom's maternal instincts will be a mere ruse in the film, which finds her larcenous character posing as a nanny to the three little brats of a rich widower -- all pawns in her plot to rob a bank!

But when she unexpectedly develops feelings for the kids, and especially their hunky father, will she opt to put her life of crime on hold? The film is due out in theaters late next year.

More family matters await J.Lo on the silver screen next summer, when she stars as a beleaguered stepmother in the dramedy 'Love and Other Impossible Pursuits.' I like all of her movies such as Selena and Maid in Manhattan. After her failed marriages, she finally settled down with husband Mark Anthony.

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