Monday, June 30, 2008

Kicking Slipper (Sepak Kabayo)

When I was in my elementary years. I used to play "SEPAK KABAYO". Sepak Kabayo means Kicking of slippers. Just like playing baseball or softball but in the two sports they use gloves, ball and bat. In the sepak kabayo game we used only our bare hands, slippers and we dig hole and it indicates our first, second, third base and home run. After our class we decided top play.
We bet that whoever wins will be the one to treat snack tomorrow's recess. Each team has four members.
Group 1 members are Mary Jane, Ivy , Christy and myself. Our opponents are Trom, Norman, Gary,and Alberto. Our opponents best kicker are Norman and Alberto.Both of the has short legs but when it 's their turn to kick the slipper landed far away that we can't catch. In our team Mary Jane is the best kicker. Ivy on other hand, has weak legs. We used to call her "mahinhin"slow mover.
In the middle of the game, Norman and I had an argument. He cheated, He said he catched the slipper but slip into his hands. I disagree with him I said No you are cheater. That is not counted. Just to end up the argument, I decided its count.
After Three rounds of playing we lose. Then we go home. And the next day we treat them juice worth of P1 each and bread worth P.50cents.

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