Monday, June 16, 2008

The Controversial Jun Lozada

Jun Lozada is the star witness of the very controversial National Broadband Network. I followed his interview in the Senate Inquiry and his statement in the Press. I pity him, because he risk his family and his life in great danger in order to tell the public what is the truth behind the NBN Project. To waken up the government how corrupt it's administration.
Some of us, has different perception on these matter. Why he say these things where in fact, he is working in the government? Others would say He has political motives. Maybe in 2010 election he will run in a certain position. But Lozada denies theses allegations.
There are some who considered him as hero because it takes a man to tell the world that he is not perfect and he willing to burst what he knows in one of the government anomalies. Some of the government officials who were involved in these issue were mad by Jun Lozadas' revelation. They are filing Libel case because he doesn't have any proof that his allegations were true.

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