Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kris Aquino

Kris Aquino is very successful actress in todays generation. When I was in elementary years, I remember her movie entitled "pido dida". Her leading man is Rene Requistas who passed away because of health problem. That movie is memorable to every Filipino who watched it.
Rene Requistas doesn't have teeth. He played a role as a husband of dida (Kris Aquino). Despite of their differences, Dida who is rich and has flawless white skin while Dido is black and has no permanent job. But Pido is very charming and love Dida so much. That's why dida fell in love with him.
There are many obstacles that the couple been through, there is objection in their marriage by Dida's parents. Their love prevail, Dida told her parents that she love Him so much and she beg her family to accept Him. They love their daughter and they respect her decision even it is hard for them. They learn to love Dido and there grandchildren.

There is another movie that kris made entitled "feng shui" wherein she played a mom of two.Her children were one girl and one boy. And Jay Manalo played as her husband.They were typical family. And one day, Kris encountered accident. The bagua rolled in her shoes. They said when you are the holder of bagua you will receive some luck but it has consequences. When you look into the mirror, you will die according to your zodiac sign. The blessings has keep on coming in her family. They transferred to a nice subdivision. In the midst of his luckiness the people around her died because of freaky accidents. She decided to throw the bagua but it comes back to her. Until her two children was disappeared. She's the only one left. She pack her things and go to the other place to start a new life to forget what she's been through.
Another movie she made and it was blockbuster. The movie is entitled "SUKOB" a cursed.
When you are related in blood It is not advisable to get married in the same year. Her co star was the beautiful actress Claudine Barreto. They didn't know that they are sisters. Kris father had an affair with another woman whom he made her pregnant and he was afraid of the responsibility.The secret has been kept for years. When Claudine is ready to get married, she feel something strange in her wedding day. Her aunt died she hit by a bus. Her body was not found in the scene. But in the tree which a meter away from the accident, Claudine saw a wedding veil. But just days passed, Claudine's husband died because while cleaning their roof. Kris wedding went well, when the couple seat on the table and her handkerchief slip into her hand. She pick it up and under the table she saw someone who wears wedding gown and her face was black. She screamed and flip off into her chair.
She went to a fortune teller to consult these strange incident. The fortune teller told her that she had a half sister who were married in the same year. She must find her sister to find out her answer to her questions. While tracing back where her sister live her husband died because of freaky accident too. Nobody found his body except candles who were in the door. Kris went to the church, accidentally Claudine is there and there dad. They hug and talk with each other.
They both said that they will fight the cursed.
They went to the top of the church which the bell rang and read the spell book and made some prayer. The bad spirit went away. both of them lived.

Kris Aquino is one of my idol in the local movie industry because of being true to herself and being honest.

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