Friday, July 11, 2008

My Life's Inspiration

He called many names such as Jesus Christ,Christ,Divine Mercy,Allah,Prophet,Lord,Messiah,Emmanuel and many to mention.I called him my friend.My friend is always been there for me through ups and down.Eventhough I hurt him so many times.I failed him and has shortcomings.But despite of everything i did for him.He's still there for me.He open his arms wide open and embrace me with all his heart.He's the one who's cheering me up.Telling me don't lose hope my child.There are so much things you can do.Don't waste the opportunity that im giving you.There are so much to do in life.Live life to fullest.You will experience this once.Learn from your mistakes.Don't commit same mistake again.But God has one favor that is asking me, dont get satisfied in this world for this is just temporary.Life on earth is not permanent but only changes.him.I will bear it in my mind,my friend Jesus.

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