Friday, April 24, 2009

Bathroom is the most important part of a Home

That's my High school teacher told us when we were having our Home Economic class. She was an old maid and she is very perfectionist. One time, she ask us about our home. Immediately, I raise my hand to participate in our class discussion. I stood up and told them. Our home was build for over 30 years now. It's so very simple. I remember when me and my brother was little children we love to play in the bathroom. We stay for long period of time that's why my mother would spank us in our butt because we waste so much water. The shower was amazing. The bath was wide, all cleaned and smells great. They give me around of applause for sharing my Home. But later on, when we leave our simple Home. My brother got married and I worked abroad. And when I returned Home, I was shock that the elegant bathroom that we had was now very ugly. The bathroom tiles are out of place. They are breaking, the original color was white but now it turns brown. The bathroom furniture was the favorite hang outs of insects such as cockroaches, termites and ants because the back of that furniture got a hole. I want to fix this before I go back. I used the advanced technology which is the Internet to search for the best web who offers amazing products for bathrooms. I was very glad because they features all the things the I need for our bathroom. Visit their website now at for details.

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