Sunday, April 5, 2009

It happened

Yesterday, It was a sunny day. My brother and I planned to go to our farm to have our family day while our Mom and Dad are waiting for us. After I went to mass, I prepared the things that I'm going to brought for them. I ride at the back of my brother's motorcycle. I bade goodbye to my two cute pets TJ and Alex. Then we left. My brother and I have some conversation with each other. Then after we done talking, I prayed the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy. My brother runs the motorcycle very fast. As we all know that it's summer time and we don't have rain that's why the sand is so thick and the road is full of dust. The tire motorcycle went zigzag because it was stock in the thick sand. My right hand is holding my brother's shoulder and my other hand is holding the image of the divine mercy. I was shouting "Have mercy on us Jesus!" I was shock. We stop to check on ourselves and our motorcycle. But miracle happen, both of us didn't get any bruises. We ride again, I secretly cried at the back of my brother I was very thankful to Jesus my Divine Mercy despite of being not a perfect child and not a good example to my fellowmen. He still loves me. He loves me that's why He saves me.


Manang Kim said...

Hi janz, thanks goodness that nothing bad happened to you and to your brother. Iba talaga pag we pray in everything we do and miracles do happen all the time. God is good!!

janz said...

@ Manang Kim, tama ka ate Kim. iba talaga ang nananalig sa kanya.

Seattle DUI Attorney said...

Odd that the comment text and background color are the same. Too bad my wisdom will not be seen by others. Sad face.

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