Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jesus Christ and Same Sex Attraction (SSA)

I was intrigue with this statement because I was reading a Kerygma Magazine where there this certain man who is gay. His struggling from Homosexuality. He share his life story. At the last part of that page there is an website that helps men and women who were struggling with same sex attraction to live chaste lives through prayer, fellowship, truth and love in obedience to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. It breaks my heart to see this passage and image of our dear Savior Jesus Christ.

"I did not come here to condemn You"
"I have come into the world to be its Light"


Manang Kim said...

God is always in our side no matter what. Just reach unto to Him ask for His guidance and let the Holy Spirit reigns our heart and everything will be fine. God is great!

janz said...

@ manang Kim, salamat po Manang Kim!