Saturday, April 25, 2009

My P100 shoes

As you all know my passion in shopping to (Ukay Ukay) 2nd Hand Items. I love to spent so much time searching for the clothes that will be fit to my body. I'm fat that's why it's so hard for me to choose the perfect fit. Two weeks ago, I went to Ukay Ukay to purchase shoes. I'm fascinated with shoes. This pair of shoes struck my attention. I love the color and it's size. I ask the vendor for the price, He said it's P130 last price P120. So, I make "tawad" but he doesn't want to. I told Him I'll come back next week maybe you'll change your mind. For one week, that this shoes bothers me so much. I regretted why I didn't bought it. When Saturday came, I finished my household chores and went to Ukay Ukay. I was very happy when I found it. I ask again the vendor. He said OK! You can have it for P100. Yapey!


Manang Kim said...

Hahaha now I do that if a thing or person is for then it is for you no matter what. Good for you, you got the shoes enjoy it.

janz said...

@Manag Kim, xempre namn ate ilang gabi pa namn akong hindi nakatulog because of the pair of shoe.