Thursday, January 8, 2009

A beautiful you!

My friend Angkik wants to undergo breast enlargement and face lift. Because for twenty two years she is not happy to see her breast so small. She told me two incidents that she never forget in her life.
  1. When she was teenager, her classmates tease her because her appearance is like a man.
  2. She and her long time boyfriend in the internet decided to meet each other. She went to their meeting place, in a fine restaurant cuisine. She waited for more than an hour, after a while she received a call from her boyfriend that he wants to break up with her because he thought she is attractive but he was surprise to see her looks.
She overcome her feelings for months. She told her self. They will sorry for teasing me. Through technology and gadgets, she research in the internet the best cosmetic surgery in the world. Until she found out about John Ryan. He is one of the pioneers in cosmetic surgery, that has brought together some of the most experienced and skilled surgeons in the world to form Make Yourself Amazing (MYA).
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