Friday, January 30, 2009

Is it ok to lie?

According to the Bible telling a lie is a sin but Study shows that lying is One older (from 2002) but interesting study noted that 60% of participants lied at least once in a ten-minute conversation, and on average told two to three lies. Even the participants who watched their own conversations back on video were surprised at how many times they fibbed. A newer British study (from 2008) says that people lie four times a day on average, which doesn't sound that bad until your consider that totals up to 1,460 untruths per year. Men, the study says, lie a bit more than women and, not surprisingly, that the most common misstatement is "I'm fine." Here are ways that people are telling a lie:

  • The number of sexual partners you've had plus or minus five
  • That you totally just washed your hands
  • That you're naturally toned
  • That you can not do a headstand in yoga class
  • That you made that lasagna yourself
  • That you always recycle
  • That you read all sections of the paper, not just the Style and Entertainment sections
  • That you never ever, ever look at so-and-so's Facebook page!

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