Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Valentine's gift

The valentine's day is fast approaching. Yesterday, I called my friend Abnoy to ask for his opinion on what should I give to my special friend. He suggested so many material things. But one thing he suggest that I agreed its citizen watches. My special friend loves to collect watches. I browse the internet to know more about their product and I learned that they are the leading watchmaker in the market. The quantity and the quality of their watches are magnificent. I also learned the history of the Watch Citizen Company. That this successful company was established in the year of 1924. With over 85 years ago, the founding fathers selected the name Citizen it means "Close to the hearts of people Everywhere". Throughtout the years their busines grown and expanded all over the world. They achieved global recognition as a global brand. They are recognize worldwide as the leader of advance technology. Since 1986, the company coincides with the dramatic rise to its current position as the world's largest watchmaker.
Their watches are not behind into the latest trends. Because of it's sheer size, from the world's slimmest LCD watch, the first voice recognition watch, the world first's professional dive watch with electronic depth sensor. The Citizen watches got the record of " world firsts" is unmatched.
Citizen is launching their newest watch. They created this watch because they want to protect the environment. They are renowned as the leader of Ecologically Friendly Timekeeping with it's Eco-drive collection of light powered watches. This watch has versatility because you can wear it from dress to sport to professional dive. It runs continuously in any kind of natural and artificial light for a lifetime use. The best thing about this watch is, it is fueled by light and it never runs a battery.
This is so amazing. Buy now and own this wonderful watch by Citizen. Just visit their website now at www.citizenwatch.com for more details.


WARSHOCK said...

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good luck bai.

Jhon Bon said...

hi friend.xcellent blog.have already linked urs in my blog. take time to visit it. kindly link me back and do t favor. thanks a lot n advance.

Nanaybelen said...

i will also buy that for my daughter on valentines day . She needs watch in going to college. She wants the latest new style citizen watch

mat said...

Citizen watch really is very durable