Friday, January 2, 2009

My christmas vacation

My cousin Lyhra and her family used to spend their Christmas in our city. Every time she's home, she will never forget to ask me to accompany her in going to (Ukay ukay). We spent more than an hour to choose the right clothes for us. I went to one stall and patiently choose the best shirt for me. But this green shirt caught my attention because the color green is pleasing in the eyes and it perfectly fit well to my cousin Lyhra. I grabbed immediately this shirt and went to her and ask her if she likes it. She just nod her head. But I insist, Day, try this. And whola! It's fit and lovely. My cousin Lyhra is petite and she's very cute! Her being generous to her love ones is what I admired.

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Arhyl said...

whoaa!!!!!I was here!nah!posting that pictures is a no no no to me!hhehehe bida gd ako ba.huya man ako. cge na lang gani.what can I do?