Sunday, May 29, 2011

I love Pizza

I went to General Santos City yesterday to purchase the spare parts of our television. I consider our television as antique because we had that television when I was in elementary. If I'm not mistaken the year was 1994. More than a decade of service and for the first time it has broken. According to the electrician our TV was damage due to over heat.  For over a month that we miss watching TV. Mom doesn't want to buy a new one because it's not necessary in this time. Finding that 4 spare parts was difficult. I went to the different shops and my heart was pounding so fast every time the sales lady would say that they don't have it. It's like going to the place that no one knows you. But I believe in the saying that "no guts, no glory"that's why I'm very persistent in finding those parts. At the end of the day, there were only 3 spare parts available in all shops that I've been through. Sunday came, I went home and I made a stop over in Koronadal City to buy "pasalubong" to my  love ones left at home. I was curious in this pizza place located in national highway. The question that bugging me is that what's their pizza taste like?! When I got home, I'm so excited to taste it. My only reaction was was OK. 

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