Friday, May 27, 2011

When I was a kid

This was taken when I was five years old.  My mother bought me this telephone toy which it has four wheels. I used to play this toy with my playmates.  I drag it wherever I go.  There was a time I placed this favorite toy in my bed while a was asleep.  My playmates would laugh at me because I never lend my toy.  I was so self fish then, I thought of my toy as my precious collection.  I have my reason why I don't want anyone to borrow my toy because they will broke it and they will not say sorry.  Life as a kid is very fun. I had a chance to play with my peers.  It will scared me to death when Mom shouted out loud my name. She wants me to quit playing, instead help her in household chores.  My playmates sometimes doesn't understand my Mom why she keep on doing that. That time I feel humiliated in front of my playmates.  But in the long run, I understand what's my mom been doing.  She keeps telling me there's a time for everything. Now that I'm grown up I realize that being a kid is so fun. I had enjoyed my childhood.

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