Monday, May 23, 2011

Single Life

After a four year relationship with my ex girlfriend, I notice to myself that I don't appreciate girls who are flirting with me.(boisterous) tsk! tsk! tsk! Maybe my mind stop telling me to love again. But my heart would say why don't you try again. Maybe there still someone out there for you. I'm so confused! If i'm going to like someone, the first feeling that i'll felt is scared.  Scared of commitment, scared of proving to everyone that I can have the girls I wanted, scared of rejection. I have experienced rejection, rejection in the family, rejection of friends, and rejection in love. Maybe I have a calling that it's better to be single than to be happy with some one else. Lesbians here in our community is not yet welcome in the society.  There are people who are close minded when in come to preferences of sexuality. I couldn't blame them.  I still believe in the saying that you cannot please everybody. But those close minded let me leave to you this question.  Why ca'y you be happy for us?

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