Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I want my Page Ranking Back

I've been in the blogosphere world since 2008, I've met hundreds of people who shares same interest that I do.  Sir Noel who owns the http://www.alaverde33.blogspot.com/  introduce me to this blogging thing. 2010 and recession in the united states came my passion in blogging fades away in just a split seconds. I was enjoying then my PR3 there are still opportunities but seldom they give five dollars.  In the mid of 2010, I was shocked and sadden that my Page Rank was gone. My interest in blogging was no longer there.  Until last night, I kinda miss the things that I used to do.  Telling my readers what I did in that particular day. I hope some one out there could help me out in this problem that I'm experiencing right now.

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