Thursday, February 19, 2009

I was busy

This past few days I was very busy settling some things because I 'll be gone for a few days. I see to it that everything is in order such as our monthly bills, my stocks in the store, some household chores and I told my brother Sydney to feed my dogs. I'm gonna miss them. But I'll be going to nourishment my spiritual being and at the same time have some break. I will miss blogging.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Chris Brown Speaks Out

Chris Brown is a rising rock and ballad singer who recently involved in an accident that will ruined his career. His publicist release a statement.
"Words cannot begin to express how sorry and saddened I am over what transpired. I am seeking the counseling of my pastor, my mother and other loved ones and I am committed, with God's help, to emerging a better person. "Much of what has been speculated or reported on blogs and/or reported in the media is wrong. "While I would like to be able to talk about this more, until the legal issues are resolved, this is all I can say except that I have not written any messages or made any posts to Facebook, on blogs or any place else. "Those posts or writings under my name are frauds," the statement concludes.
The 19-year-old Brown allegedly attacked an unnamed woman the night before both he and reported girlfriend Rihanna were scheduled to perform on the Grammys last Sunday. Later, Rihanna reportedly checked into in Los Angeles hospital to tend to injuries. Brown was subsequently arrested on suspicion of domestic violence and released on $50,000 bail. He may face charges from the district attorney's office.
I hope he can fix his problem before it's too late.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Sunday's Adventure again

I woke up 5:00 in the morning, but I was lazy to get up. I waited for 6:00 to prepare myself in going to church. I wore very simple dress short sleeve color red indicate that I'm searching! hehehe! jeans and white rubber shoes. I bought 1/4 kilo of lechon pork that I'm going to bring to the farm. I'm so excited for my day off and be with my family. My brother ask me to ride with him in his motorcycle but I was nervous because it's the first time I'll ride with him. Before I ride I made a sign of the cross and prayed very hard for our safety.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I'm sad

After I finished my household chores and took a bath I open my computer to check on my blog. But I was surprised that My PageRank 3 turns to 0. I don't know what to do right now and I was curious why it's so sudden. Yesterday, I enjoyed getting opportunities. I hope I can still get opps.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Bonding Moments

Here are the photos that we had during our outings in Del Rio resort in Koronadal City.

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Happy Valentines myspace graphic comments
Wishing you all a very very happy heart's day! May you be filled with love not just this day but for the years to come. Share this day to your love ones and let him/her feel the warmth of your love. Once again, Happy Valentines day folks!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

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I miss you Granny

My grandma Charing is the finest grandma of all time. She is very close to me and my family. She taught me how to sew my panty in her sewing machine. That's her ability that I cannot get. To you Grandma wherever you are your memories will always be in my heart.

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My idol Noel

I got this photo from my cousin Lyhra who took a picture on my big boss Noel and myself. He help me in so many ways most particularly in blogging world. He's my mentor, my good provider everytime he reserved me an opportunity! hehehee! He's been good to me and my family. That's why I owe him a debt of gratitude. To you Boss.. happy valentine's day and thank you for your warm accommodation whenever I visit your place. I Love you Cousin Lyhra, Noel and Mica. Guys, visit my boss page at alaverde33 for you to be able to learn in his fields of interest.

Get protected with LifeLock

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Tatay Pido and Nanay Baby happy moments

My Tatay Pido and Nanay Baby are very close to my heart. They are the one whom I considered as my second parents. They taught us how to value life and be contented on what we have. When my brother and I had a fight Nanay Baby will come to our house and give us advices that we should respect each other because our parents wants a better life for the two of us. Every Sunday, after going to to mass I will dropped by in their store to have a chat with Nanay Baby and Tatay Pido. We talked about our past and our future. That's why its so easy for me to open up with them. Thank you Tatay and Nanay for everything you've taught us.

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Our Family Picture

When my brother and I was a kid our parents brought us to the Church where we hear masses. My Mom is very active in church organization that's why when we are growing up she taught us values that will be forever cherish. My dad he used to worked in the bank until he got mental sickness. After that incident we struggled so hard in order to survive. Thank God for that trials we overcome those and we have this strong bond with each other.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How to get rid of termites attack?

In our home, we have this huge problem with the termites. They are everywhere especially in the ceiling. There is one time that I was about to sleep, I saw something that is crawling to our ceiling. Immediately, I stood up and get the chair just to filled up my curiosity. I stood on the chair and see what's this white thing doing in our ceiling. I was shock that I saw thousands of white thing in our ceiling. After that incident I made some research and I found out that this thing are termites. Their primary motive is to eat your house little by little. So, I visit the termite poison to eliminate this termites in our house. This web didn't let me down because they put their thoughts on how to prevent and eliminate them. If you want to be protected by the termites, just visit them at for more details.

A text from Clemen

Yesterday, I received a text from my high school friend Clemen that made me smile it says.. Valentine's day is coming. Lovers are so busy preparing for surprises of their love ones. But for singles, Do you feel the pressure? hehehehe! Yes, indeed I'm single. And I don't feel the pressure. This valentine's day I was planning to eat in the newly open Nadies Chicken house.hehehe!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Looking for fabulous Television?

My parents wants to buy another set of television for their master's bedroom. They went to our local market but the prices are very high and they are not satisfied in the quality. One night, in our dinner I had conversation with them and they are asking my opinion about the DirectTV that I talked about. They are asking if when and where they can get this amazing DirectTV offer. I just discuss with them briefly that I cling to the Internet about their DirectTV deals.
They are giving Packages such as movies, sports, XM radio, and more, Equipment includes satellite dish, receiver, DVR, and more, Quality such as digital channels and HD channels and Installation includes free installation of equipment. The package are all my parents want. They are excite to get a new one that will surely enjoy watching in their leisure time.

American I dol

This show makes my day complete especially when I hear the tough comments from the judges. They are now the leading reality show in the world. I bet Lil Round and the blind guy will reign in the end of the idol season. Every episode makes me excite and I can't wait for the next episode to come. Good Luck Guys!

My favorite eyewear

As a collector of eye wear, I see to it that it will look good and will fit for me. I always bought my eye wear here in our local market but after few days its lens will destroy and sometimes its frame will broken. It's because of my personality of being practical person I rather bought cheap and low quality of eye wear but the consequences I got is I just wasted my money for buying this kind of eye wear. That's why I cling to the Internet to find the fabulous eye wear and the Internet didn't let me down because I found Zenni Optical that offers Prescription eyeglasses for only $8! and they are renowned as the world's best manufacturing eye wear because of Zenni Optical in the New York Times?! and because of this they are Seeing Straight Without Breaking Bank . What are you waiting for get one now!

Monday, February 9, 2009

It make me sad

Yesterday, I find time to open my blog and as I was browsing the content of my blog. I saw someone made a comment on my tag board! I feel awful while reading his/her comment! I never thought that there are people exisited in this world who judge the person without knowing them personally. That person didn't know how to read and understand! To you, Whoever you are I hope you find peace in your heart!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Granny Goring plays this game in her leisure time

My Granny Goring is 69 years old. She is not late when it comes to the latest fashion, technology and games. In that age, she knows how to operate her laptop computer. Her children work abroad they bought her laptop for their Christmas present. I'm the one who is looking up to her that's why I'm very impressed with her abilities when it comes to computer. One night, As I about to sleep I check her room and I found her playing this amazing website Casino wherein she has so much fun playing this game. I told her Granny what are you doing? She said my grandchild, you are always late when it comes to online games. This website is very entertaining, everyday I see to it that I will play this game together with your Aunts. They too experience how exciting this game is. It is so easy to play. All you have to do is visit and read their guidelines, rules and regulation and you are now ready to play their games such as:
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You made me Happy Korina

Few days ago, I publish a post about Korina Sanchez who receive an award for being one of outstanding broadcaster. Until the next day, I check on my blog I saw a anonymously comment and I read it carefully and I was very happy that she made a comment that says:
Hi Janiz,

Thanks for the very flattering and encouraging comment about me. This is Korina Sanchez using my officemate's email. I can't promise to keep responding to you as I simply chanced on your comment to my awards. I work hard for people like you. I just want to say Thank You. And, yes, Senator Mar Roxas has also taken note of your comment. Thanks, too, from Mr. Palengke. Love, KORINA

Nanny Shova play this game

You read it right! My Nanny Shova play this game in her leisure time. I once caught her sneaking into my personal computer and play this fabulous game Best Casino Spot wherein she loves to bet and play cards. Sometimes she won and sometimes she lose. That's part of the game. I told her where and when did you learn that game? She instantly told me that she was browsing the Internet and hoping to find the best game that she will going to entertain. And the Internet didn't let her down because in one flick of her fingers she found this game. She told no one about her crazy hobby. But I was the one who caught her in the act playing this game. She didn't deny the fact that she is having so much fun with game. I told her you should tell Mom and Dad about this game. She was afraid at first, but when I was the one who backing up her. When my parents went home after office hours we told them, they understand my Nanny Shova. That's why now she told all all our neighbors about the wonder of this game and the excitement she feel while playing this game. I f you are looking for the website that will surely entertain you, use your mouse now and click this web for more details.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I had headache

Just this morning, I woke up and I feel my head is aching. Because last night I went home very late and there's a heavy rainfall. I drink my milk and I received a text from my Boss Noel that he reserve me an opportunity. I thank Him for his kindness. I don't know what to repay him. To you Boss. I owe you a lot. Thank you so much!

Friday, February 6, 2009

My Romantic gift

Since the valentine's day is fast approaching, I had lots of things in my mind that I'm going to surprise my special someone. For the whole afternoon, I was searching the Internet and hoping to find what I'm looking for. And the Internet didn't let me down. I found Cheap Holidays wherein they cater the cheapest holidays, discount hotels and last minute flights thousands of bargain holiday destinations around the world and they are here to help you choose the one that’s perfect for you. An the wonderful services that they are giving is they will help you make the travel right choices or destinations. They are featuring great travel guides with detailed tourist information about one of the world's most popular holidays and countries. This i all the package that I want. I'm sure my special someone will surely love all of this information. I can't wait to talk to her and relay to her this amazing thoughts about travelling and visit some beautiful views. I travel a lot because I work as a tourism in one of the finest travelling agency here in our city. I will recommend this too to my friends because they love nature tripping too. And they will surely enjoy if I want them to come with us and spent our valentine with a group. I hope she will agree on my suggestion. Stop staring and start sharing this details just visit their website at

Sex in the City Rocks!

I love watching Sex in the City series way back college years. They are all gorgeous and beautiful in their own ways. That's why I'm one of the millions of movie lover who were very happy when their movie comes out in the market. It's one of the thousand blockbuster movie. I hope this coming year there will be part two. I can't wait.

I want a happy smile

Since I was a kid I'm afraid to go to a dentist. And to check on my teeth because my old told me that dentist their duty is to destroy my teeth. But later on, I prove them wrong because upon browsing the Internet I found this amazing website it's the dental care. The widest and easiest to access in the Internet today. Their dentist and staff are very kind and very accommodating to their clients. I'm very pleased with their services. That's why I recommended their website to my dear friends. As I continue to get to know their site I learned that they are offering various services to their clients such as: 1. Teeth Cleaning and Regular Dental Care wherein it is essential to good dental health, with regular patients of Dr. Aleid are seen twice a year, for a general checkup examination, teeth cleaning and X-rays. Learn more about his special offers to new patients here. 2. Teeth Whitening where healthy smiles should be gleaming white. And they believe in this preferred type of teeth bleaching here. 3. Children’s Dental Hygiene where good dental health begins early. They like to see patients as young as two years old, to start them off on a lifetime of good dental care. Find out more about our special examination for young children more. 4. Tooth and Dental Care where general check-up, which includes an oral exam by the dentist, dental cleaning by a skilled dental hygienist and X-rays. 5. Tooth Fillings where Routine care for cavities, tooth decay and problem teeth. 6. White Teeth A healthy smile is usually with bright white teeth. Dr. Aleid can advise you on which bleaching method is preferable for your teeth and lasts a long time. 7. Root Canals Dr. Aleid believes in preserving your original teeth, if at all possible. He does standard root canals for those patients who need it. For extraordinary difficult cases, he will refer you to an experienced root canal specialist. 8. For Senior Citizens Dr. Aleid offers his excellent dentist skills to senior citizens at reduced rates. He knows that their dental health should be a priority and that their teeth should not be neglected. Find out about his monthly specials for seniors here. 9. Dental Bridges Dr. Aleid has worked with many patients who need bridges to replace missing teeth by anchoring the bridge to other teeth in your mouth, so it does not have to be removed. The local dentist is very skilled in this area of dentistry. 10. Dental Implants while dental implants are all the rage these days, they are a huge investment. Dr. Aleid will advise you of the pros and cons on dental implants. Once your decision is made, he can perform Dental Implant Crowns. 11. Crowns protect root canals and/or fillings when teeth have to be rebuilt for the patient. Dr. Aleid also performs Dental Implant Crowns. 12. Fluoride Treatments are recommended for and conducted on young children who already have had a few cavities. These treatments strengthen the teeth and protect them from more decay. 13. Bite Guards for patients who suffer from grinding their teeth at night, Dr. Aleid can make a custom bite guard to prevent abnormal wear to their teeth and to prevent TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder) causing pain-of-the-jaw issues. 14. X-rays are taken, as needed, for specific dental problems, and also once a year, as part of your annual checkup on your teeth. 15. Porcelain Veneers are wafer-thin shells of porcelain which are bonded to the front side of teeth. Veneers can be an excellent cosmetic procedure for teeth that are stained, chipped or slightly misaligned. And for your referrals to experts Dr. Aleid gladly refers his patients who need specialty dental care services or oral surgery to dental specialists. For example, Dr. Aleid will refer patients requesting implants to a specialist and then the patient will return to Dr. Aleid for the Implant Crowns. 16. Dental sealants act as a barrier – protecting the teeth against decay-causing bacteria. Sealants are usually applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth (premolars and molars) where decay occurs most often. 17.Dental Credit Care Financing Dr. Aleid Family Dentistry is a partner with Credit Care, which offers affordable low-cost financing for major dental procedures such as implants or veneers. Please note that cosmetic procedures are not covered by dental insurance, but can be financed over time at reasonable interest rates through this financial company. What are you waiting for guys? Check them out now at

My Divine Mercy Devotion

Last year, I joined the Divine Mercy Apostolate of Tacurong City wherein this organization I gained friends and meet those individuals who want to know more about God. It is one way to deepen my faith in Him. I love my sisters and I cherish every people who are coming into my life. I love this organization. Thank You Divine Mercy for this opportunity to know you! I love you my Divine Mercy.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The best Night Vision Goggles

I wonder where to find the best night vision goggles for my brother who love to play paint ball at night along with his co workers. I search our local store but I couldn't find the good quality and quantity of their product. I feel hopeless because I want to give him a present this coming valentine's day. Until, one day I use the Internet to search for the finest night vision goggles. And I'm glad that I found this amazing website who offers the Best Night Vision Goggles and Night Vision Binoculars and they are available on the market today . The manufacturing company of this kind of product is the most outstanding They are considered as the best brand when it comes to ATN night vision, Bushnell nite vision, ITT night vision goggles, Konus Night Vision, LOMO, MoroVision, NG Night Vision. There is no doubt because they are giving the lowest prices. And yet best discounted prices with Free Ground shipping on all night vision goggle and binocular models. They also have true on staff night vision experts that are ready to assist you in all of your nite vision needs. They even build a sister store dedicated to night optics! Isn't that great? What are you waiting for check them out now at

My ever Loyal Friend

I consider my pet Alex my ever loyal friend. She is my best friend whenever I'm tired and I feel low. She will help to get away my stress. This coming February 21 I'll be leaving to manila. I had lots of worries in my head:

  • my dogs

  • our store

  • our house

  • my pets in the farm

I hope my Mom and Dad will look up with them.

I love this game

When I still working in the government, i feel that I don't exist. Everyday my itinerary of travel is wake up early in the morning, prepare myself to work, drive myself to the office and after office work go home. That kind of life is so boring. Just three weeks ago, I submit my resignation to my boss. He was shock by my decision he keep on asking me why I want to resign. I told him I fell in love in this game. I just want to stay at home and play this game and win grand. He is still not convince until I invited him to my house late that night to show him what I'm talking about. I immediately turn on my computer and search the Online Casino. He fell off in his chair when He saw this website. I ask him, why sir? He told me secret. This game makes my brother a fortune. He play all his life with this game. His wife too. They are enjoying and they are having so much fun while playing this game. I thought I will surprise him, but I was the one surprise by his brother secret. He told me, you know you made the right choice. Playing full time with this game make you entertain. I told him, you are right sir. Their website is one of a kind and they are offering lots of services such as:

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I bought new cellphone

Since I received my first blogging payment, I bought new cellphone for my load business. Hopefully I this business will grow and I can earn much! I'm so happy that through this I can share it with m family and friends.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

An Awesome game to play

I have this kind of attitude that easily get bored. Because of the nature of my work and in my spare time, I see to it that my time won't be wasted. Until one day, my neighbor shongo went to me and introduce the It was my first time to hear this thing. I followed his advice I went to where I learne that it is a guide to playing at online poker rooms, written by Players for Players. And if you are new to the game, Poker Monger will point you in the right direction and teach you the basic poker strategy you will need to get started. Play poker online can be great entertainment and Poker Monger will show you how to make it happen. Their site has been designed to bring useful information about online poker to the beginning, intermediate and advanced player. They are also catering a services that will surely everyone of us will enjoy. What are you waiting for? Stop staring and start sharing this awesome information to your love one so that they will enjoy in their spare time, just like I do. Visit their website at for more details.

Divine Mercy Convention

This coming February 22 - 27 the Divine Mercy Convention will be held in Marilao, Bulacan where Father Michalenco will be the speaker. I was very happy after hearing all of this information and my aunt Cana wanted me to go. I don't want to say "NO" to you Divine Mercy but my schedule and what hinders me most is financial. I'm going to confer to Aunt Cana tomorrow that I can't go.

The game that I adored Online

I thought my life will always like this. No thrill or adventure, until a friend of mine named oling introduce me this amazing game that he said that I'm surely love. It's the Online Casino Review wherein they featured differrent kinds of game that you will enjoy and it will be your favorite past time if you have nothing to do. They are considered as the most popular casino games and online casinos. Where you can find the detailed analysis of every game below including: history, rules, player edge and the perfect strategy. The basic principles of game analysis are described in the Tutorial section. Their website teaches the basics for casino games like roulette, video poker, slots and many more. Their menu to the left provides links to online casino game tutorials, website reviews and software. They aim is to assist you in learning the proper online gambling strategies so you will have better odds of winning at online casinos. There are also products and services that they are featuring that each and everyone of us wil surely benefited. Why don't you click this for more details.

My father met an accident

Last Month, January 6, 2009 Three Kings at 6:00 p.m. to be exact. I received a text from my father that he was in the hospital. He suffered from vehicular accident. I don't know what to do. I'm so nervous and my heart beat runs fast. I close my store and went to the hospital. I saw his huge wound in his left leg. The blood kept on flowing to his feet. I pity for my father. According to him, he stop in the road because he saw a black cat passing by then a motorcycle driving so fast, he hit the back of my dad's motorcycle. And my dad and his motorcycle went down. The reckless man just turn away from my dad. Damn! that man. He has no soul. He leave my dad in that kind of situation.

I want to be successful in Real Estate

I always dream to be a successful Real estate agent someday. My dream came into reality when I found out about Nouveau Riche. They are one of the amazing school that offers amazing courses for high school graduates and professionals. They are ready to get behind the wheel of my future. The Nouveau Riche Real Estate Investment College will help me in the driver's seat! They are featuring the college product with three tuition options: 30 NR Hours, 60 NR Hours, 120 NR Hours—The Regents Tuition. This is the package that I want. They are also renowned as the best real estate college in the world because of their state of the art. Their professors are always prepared to teach their students very well.
Nouveau Riche is featuring the Investor Concierge who will brought to us by The Real Market Experts Franchise, Inc. Their primary concern and it is exclusively available to their clients. Their target is to identify, acquire, and sell residential properties to the eligible Nouveau Riche investors and provide those investors with various real estate related services.They want to give their best to cater the needs of their clients.
Nouveau Riche open an account in the facebook wherein you can see the latest pictures, statements, stories of the successful people who engage in real estate world. brother killed

Brother of Philippine-born hip-hop singer of the popular group Black Eyed Peas has been fatally shot in their northern hometown. Joven Pineda Deala was shot in the head early Tuesday as he and his girlfriend were eating in his car that was parked outside the woman's home in Angeles City. The gunman and his accomplice escaped on foot. The 21-year-old Deala died on the way to the hospital. Deala was a half-brother of, whose real name is Allan Pineda Lindo. With my deepest Sympathy to the bereaved family.

I learned in this game

I'm an entrepreneur because after graduating from college I manage our sari sari store in order to help my family. I ask my Mom last year to buy computer so that I don't wanna get bored while I do my everyday routine. As early as August, I install the Internet into our home. I was very happy. As I was browsing the Internet I found this amazing website who gave me joy while playing. It's the Slots wherein the game has all the package that I want. The slot game have just uncovered a complete resource for online slots players. Many websites fall short, but not Slots Data. They have slot machine manufacturer reviews, slot book reviews, slot tournament schedules, slot terminology and many articles designed to inform today's online slots player. Slots Data is committed to making you a better and winning slots player. You can win at slots and SlotsData will help you to increase your odds. They are also featuring top 5 games online casino. Here as follows:
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Blog earnings

I received my first Blog earnings last week. I was very happy. I treat my friends and I pampered myself. My mom and I have this Home service with my cousin's father. She clean our nails from hands to toe. I was planning to buy new cellphone and new sneakers. And I will invest some of it to Load station. I thank God for this wonderful blessing. Thank you Noel for helping me. I owe you a debt of gratitude for introducing this blogging thing.

This game is fun!

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Happy heart's day in advance

Valentines day is fast approaching. I wonder some lovers is preparing this special event and make a memorable one. As for me, for three tears now I celebrate the heart's day with my family. It make me smile if I reminisce the past. I hope next year or in two years time, I will find the right person for me.

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Rice is the primary food of every Filipino. We are considered as rice producing country. One of our family business is to plant rice, harvest and sell them in the market. This rice help me and my brother finished our school. Until now we are selling rice. But now it's harvest season and the price of rice went up. I don't know if the government is doing their best to control this.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry's Future Baby Plans

The very gorgeous and hot momma after welcoming their first daughter Nahla Ariela last March, do Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry want another baby?

"She needs a sibling," Gabriel tells People about baby Nahla. "I think it's important."

Gabriel goes on to tell the mag, "I've never known anybody who's had a single child [and] I've always been around big families. I believe in big families."

As for Halle's thoughts on having more kids:

"She's okay with it," Gabriel tells People. "Absolutely."

Gabriel also tells People that baby Nahla, who turns 1 next month, is walking and talking. Good luck to your plans guys..

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My weekend activities

Last Friday I together with my mom's office mate went to the beach. We had so much fun and we stayed overnight. I played cards but I lose P50. If my memory serves me correctly it was three years ago when I touch the playing cards. When Saturday comes my high school friends invited me to come over to Koronadal City to swim in the swimming pool in Del Rio. Del Rio is amazing they have this huge slides. I tried the small one because I'm afraid of heights. hehehehe!

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I love thee

You told me you love thee
And promised to be with me
I love you in return
But why i feel my heart burn
What would be my life without you
I dont know what to do
If you read this my love
This question I'm going to ask
What did I do wrong?
You leave me in vain...

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Korina Sanchez Rocks

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Monday, February 2, 2009

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Jessica Simpson Breaks Her Silence

One of the most controversial actress/ singer taking the concert stage for the first time since the controversy over her curves erupted, Jessica Simpson opened up to her fans Thursday night.

"Thank you for your support," she told a Charlottesville, VA, crowd at the end of her set, says "Stay positive, and pray out loud! I love you guys, good night." says the buxom blonde crooner -- opening for Rascal Flatts -- sported tight, black leather pants and a V-neck T-shirt.

"Please remember, no matter what you go through in life, somebody else might have it harder," Jessica also told the crowd, according to "So just appreciate."

"I feel like in our world today we focus on so many things that are completely pointless," she added. Good Luck Jess..

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LPG tanks shortage

As I was listening every morning to the news in the radio, the broadcaster is very mad because the supply of LPG tanks are lacking and the demand gets higher. Because of this situation consumers are the one's who is suffering, the price of LPG went up. As for me, I'm not affected because for three years now we never bought LPG we only use fire woods in cooking because we are practical. Anyway, I'm giving my sympathy to my fellowmen who are dependent of these product. I hope the government will do something about it.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

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Deadly Camille

Last Friday, Mom invited me to accompany her bound to General Santos City to celebrate their victory party in the for their annual Christmas party competition. Since my mom's office mates were old I got a chance to talk to my mom's office mate daughter Camille. She is so nice and easy to talk to. For seven hours we talk in the sea about our interest and share her work experience , gigs, studies and love life. I learn so much from her. To you Camille! Cheers to our friendship!