Friday, November 19, 2010

Pogi on the go

Monday, November 15, 2010

The most important part of my Home

I have this kind of attitude that I want my home to be perfect. Recently, I ask my mom's permission to renovate our home. And she agreed to my plan. I want this time our home will be perfect. My secret plan is to make our bathroom a place that when you went it you will never leave. So, I hire the perfect carpenters to do the job and for my part i'll do the shopping. First, I search the Internet and hopefully find the best site that caters my needs. Thanks to the better bathrooms for their products that's posted in their site. All of the amazing products for your bathroom needs are here. They have toilets, bathroom suites, toilet seats, saniflo macerators, bathroom tiles, bathroom furniture, bathroom taps, bath, whirlpool baths, shower enclosure, shower trays, showers, heated tower rails, bathroom mirrors, bathroom accessories, and jacuzzi collection. When you order today you will experienced how to save your money and your time. I can assure you that their products has a good quality not just quantity. I'm so excited if ouur bathroom will be fantastic as what I have in mind. I'm satisfied with their services when it comes to entertaining your orders. As if they are part of your family when it comes to treating their clients. I will surely recommend their site to my bunch of friends. So, hurry and check their website now at for more details.

Angel Locsin

One of the finest actress in the Philippine Showbiz Industry is Angel Locsin. Angel Locsín (born Angélica Locsín Colmenares on April 23, 1985 in Bulacan, Philippines) is a Filipina television and film actress who was introduced in the youth-oriented program of GMA Network entitled Click. Locsin rose to prominence after being casted as one of the lead stars in the fantasy-themed television series Mulawin in 2004. Soon after she headlined as the titular superheroine Darna in the TV adaptation of the popular Mars Ravelo comics hit. Locsin top-billed in several chartbusting films and is widely famous as the love pair of Richard Gutierrez and Dennis Trillo.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

My cousin's Blooming Business

My cousin's wife Caryl is a registered dentist. Recently she and her hubby put up her dental clinic behind their store. She has lots of customers that wants her service. I set a meeting with her last week to ask how's the business going on. She exclaimed that she wants to add her frequent customers. I thought that it will be a good business strategy if we could make a dental business cards so that those people will be able to know her amazing service. I immediately get her laptop and search the best business cards for her. Caryl is very impressed because you can select from the ready made cards in the page provided and not only that she can personalized the cards that she ever wanted. Isn't that amazing?! Their products are affordable. It is tested and proven because of the quality of the product. Not just the quantity. Don't waste your time now visit them at for more details.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Find your Lifetime happiness Here

I have a community friend named Luz. She is 70 years old. She is a widower for ten years now. She is very active in serving our community. When she has spare time she communicate with her friends abroad. Yesterday, I planned to visit her and was surprised when I saw on her monitor the site of senior dating match canada relationship which my friend Luz was having so much fun chatting in her online friends. She pointed her finger to the monitor and told me that she fond her match. His name is jack. Jack has a great personality, he is very caring and most of all he is generous. That's why it's the talk of the town that Luz will going to get married again this spring. Jack made a proposal to Luz just two weeks ago. They both knew each other for quite sometime now. They can be a happy couple. So, my advice to all senior singles out there don't waste your time finding your match. Just visit them now at for your lifetime happiness.


Controversial Reality Star Snooki released a statement from a judge labeled Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi a "Lindsay Lohan wannabe" on Wednesday while sentencing the "Jersey Shore" star after she pleaded guilty to bothering beach-goers -- and Snooki calls the Lohan comparison "harsh"!

Friday, September 3, 2010

I need this!

I just open my newly restaurant business here in our town. In order for my prospective clients to know the services that I'm rendering I should make a business cards. I search all over our town to have it printed but I was disappointed because the quality of paper and print is not good. Not to mention that they charge me double of the price. As remedy, I browse the Internet and just a split second I found the custom business cards wherein they offer amazing services and it is affordable. I tested and proven that customers are well cared because they will let you customize the design and print you want for your business cards. One thing I notice, they made so easy and so fast. They are incredible. I will not be hesitant if I recommend them to my entrepreneur friends who wants to have a business cards. There is one incident that I gave one of business card to my customer she was amaze by the card because it is soothing in the eyes and the paper that was used were so thick that is easy to hold. And she promised that she will tell all her friends about my restaurant. Thanks to this company who is my partner in achieving my dream to become one of the outstanding entrepreneur in our town. If you want to be successful like me visit there site right now at for more information.

The issue between Angelica Panganiban and Claudine Barreto


Local Show business are very affected between this two outstanding actress who are fighting because of gossip. According to the report I heard Angelica accused Claudine that she is having an affair with her friend's boyfriend Derek Ramsey. Claudine wants this issue to go in court to settle hopefully once and for all. I hope they can resolve their issue because their are good friends way back then.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Speak up your mind

I have a friend named Lou. She has passion in writing. Her topic includes life, family, nature, shopping and a lot more. I saw her clairvoyant when we were classmates way back high school. As a matter of fact, she was the editor in chief in our school paper. I thought to myself someday Lou will be known to the world as one of the finest writer. I never heard any news from her since we graduated from high school. Until one of our high school batch mates conducted a get together. I went to the party and I saw her. Immediately I went to her table and have a good conversation with her. I ask about her passion and she said she is doing well. She continued her statement, because of high technology and Internet of course I speak what's on my mind. I get critics and comments to those people who are reading my articles. It really helps a lot not just financially but my inmost being. You can find all my articles when you visit the site Article directory wherein it contains all about from home, religion, automotive, whatever topics you want to read. Then she ask me, do you have blog site? I said yes. That's nice because this site helps your blog to have a good PR. They also provides search engine for your convenience. I was amaze by what she is telling and got interested. When I went home that night i immediately went to my computer and search the site that she gave me. I was very amaze because it is so easy and very convenient to those individuals who wants to share their views in the Internet. If you want proof just visit their site at for more information.

Life is ironic!

Sometimes, we realize to change for the better just when the situation got worse.We realize to finally correct our mistakes just when those mistakes have caused irreversible damage.We finally decided to prove ourselves worthy just when the person whom you want to prove your worth has already decided that your not worth it at all.Mostly the lessons are learned when the test is over, that's how ironic life is!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Do you want to know how to speak French?

My friend Carol who is very eager to learn about speaking french. She just found the love of her life Jason which they met in the Internet. Jason is a construction worker in Paris. He can't barely speak English. In remedy for their communication barrier she will do everything to please her lover. As time passes by, she can't find any site that offers amazing french translation. She went to me that Monday morning and ask for my help. I patiently browse all over the Internet hoping to find the site that suits my friend. Without further adieu, I found the Traduction they offer outstanding varieties of french translation. They also have 24 hour standing friendly customer service representative who is ready to assist you whenever you are. You will surely satisfied the services that they are rendering to their clients. Their company is considered as the best company in the market because they are growing in receiving satisfaction rating from the people who are enjoying the product they are rendering which is Traduction. I read some testimonies and feed backs from their clients that they are very excellent when it comes dealing with their clients.
They only receive good comments which the company is getting bigger and stronger through the years to come. I believe in their ability to lead in the market because there is no such thing as amazing service compared to others. After learning all of this. I went to carol's place and told everything what I found out. She is very pleased. So guys, what are you waiting for? Visit their site now at for more information.