Thursday, July 31, 2008


One of the issues in the Philippines today is Birth Control Method. That the Catholic Church condemns the Filipino people from using contraceptives. They also condemns the advertisement seen in the television that teenagers were used as a model. The advertisement is encouraging the teenagers to buy condoms for safe sex.
The government has a big problem regarding this issue because of the population growth.
They are pursuing the Birth Control Method even if the Church hits them with protest. In my points of view I stand for the Natural Birth Control Method such as Ligation and using of condoms. As I observed, many children are out in the streets. Begging alms. Children are now responsible for their lives in order to survive.

Ate Joan

We were neighbors just two blocks away from our house. Our parents are good friends since they are active in the church organizations. When I enrolled in caregiver course last February. We were classmates and we became friends. I find her very sweet and intellectual person. When we were in Zamboanga City I met her husband and her in laws. And she toured me in the City.

Our Farm's Transportation

This transportation is called trailer. It has three tires It can occupied fifteen people. This is considered as primary transportation in our farm. This vehicle can consume one gallon of crude oil or seven liters. We need to get a permit to travel from the City Government every year.
This vehicle is very useful especially to the farmers.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Good and Evil Co-exist!

In the book of Genesis Satan tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. On the other hand, Eve encouraged Adam to try it. They disobey God's only rule in living in his paradise. God is mad and he fled them away. They realize their mistakes. During the time of Jesus, He was also tempted by Satan when he was fasting. But Jesus refused to be tempted. When Jesus choose his twelve apostles all of them are not perfect. Tax collectors are considered as sinners. Matthew is one of them. Judas Escariot who betrayed Jesus. Everywhere there are temptations but it depends whether we allowed ourselves to be tempted.

Pagadian City Tricycle

Last February my co-devotees of Divine Mercy went to Zamboanga City for the Second Mindanao Congress.
We left five in the morning because from Tacurong City it will take twelve hours to reach Zamboanga City by land. We passed the remote areas and noticed different kinds of people living in their tiny houses. We continuously pray the chaplet of the Divine Mercy and the Holy Rosary. After six hours of traveling we stop over in Pagadian City. Pagadian is known of their fresh and delicious fish,fruits and vegetables. When we went to abkus a famous restaurant in Pagadian. After eating I went outside to take some pictures. I took pictures of their tricycle as a souvenir.Then we proceed to Zamboanga City.

Bee Attacks

I wake up around six thirty in the morning. Get my favorite buddy stick broom and dustpan. I went to our backyard to clean our Chico tree.To my surprise there are bees living in that tree.They attacked me. They bite my left hand and my right arm. I screamed and run as fast as I could. No one hears me because my brother is still sleeping. I didn't mind the pain I continued my work.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

MV princess of the stars

It has been one month since the MV princess of the stars had caused traumatic experience to all us. MV princess of the stars is owned by Sulpicio Lines. Many people had died and the sad part is that the ship is still in Romblon. The cargo ship contains a deadly endosulfan. A chemical substance that is very dangerous to the sea and to the health of the Filipino people. There are various cases that Sulpicio Lines filed against the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical & Astronomical Administration Services and Del Monte Philippines. They are pin pointing whose to blame to the incident. I hope this issue will resolve.


This is the program in the television that we enjoyed to watch. This is the show that provides not just entertainment but it opens the reality of what truly Filipinos are having through. This show helps a lot of people just for two hours of watching. When their was a time that the contestants are sons and daughters of garbage collectors, scavenger hunters, and those who are living in the streets. I heared different kinds of stories of their life. They are small children but they are exposed in the reality of poverty . This program is one way to make Filipinos lives worth living. I
believe in the old cliche'' laughter is the best medicine''. Guys what are you waiting for!watch wowowee...

Dress modesty and turn off your cellphones

This is always the reminder to all the parishioners of NuestraSeƱora Dela Candelaria Parish. Before entering the church there is a huge tarpaulin that says "Please dress modesty and turn off your cellphones while you are inside the church".
Why is it that there are people who cannot follow simple instruction that the parish implemented. We should be aware that when you are in the church it is the house of God. A house of worship and where the believers gathered to praise Jesus name. We should bear in our minds that the church is sacred. We should be presentable in the eyes of the people and in the eyes of God. It is not permitted that we wear skirts, backless, tube, and spaghetti dresses. I'm not against with the designers who design these kind of dresses it's just the people who wears it in the appropriate time and places.

State of the Nations Address 2008

Yesterday the President of the Philippines Her Excellency Gloria Macapagal Arroyo gave her State of the Nation Address to the Filipino people. She promised that there are no more Filipino people will be starving. There are jobs to those who are unemployed. Those children will be educated and build plenty of classrooms to those area who are affected by the typhoon. These promises to name a few we hear over and over again. Despite of the economic crisis that we are facing today President Gloria claims that the Philippines is very lucky to have a stable economy compared to our neighboring countries.
I doubt that my family are doing some strategies in order to save by skipping meals and by using firewood's instead of Liquefied Petroleum Gas. The LPG now is worth P650.00. There are many things you can buy in P650.00.
Look around you Mrs. President we don't feel the good life that you are claiming for. You must be day dreaming, that SONA had cost millions of pesos. The BATASAN Complex has been renovated just for that event. Our dear Congressmen and women are like having a fashion show. Where they wear their expensive suits and jewelry in passing the red carpet which prepared for them. Not to mention their luxury cars that they used.
One last point, why classes are suspended in Manila? Jesus Dureza a presidential spokesperson predicts that there will be a heavy rainfall. I don't know we have Nostradamus here in the Philippines who can predict the weather. Why he made it as an excuse? Why don't they admit that they suspend the classes because Her excellency will give her SONA.

Monday, July 28, 2008

First Sunday of the Month

Every first Sunday of the month our parish Nuetra SeƱora Dela Candelaria had these kind of activity. After the Holy Communion the parish priest headed by Fr. Diosdado Esguerra,DCC calls the attention of everybody who will celebrate their birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. Just like what we did last Sunday, me and other parishioners who are celebrators for the month of June. We gathered around the altar and Fr. Dads prayed for us. After the prayer that he gave He grab his Holy water and blessed us. Kuya Onyok our organist played the song HAPPY BIRTHDAY. And parishioners behind us were singing together with the parish choir. After the blessing people clapped their hands and greeted us and we return to our seats. Fr. Dads gave his final blessing and we went home.

Marissa Ello

I have known Inday Marissa for years. We were childhood friends. Before they lived in Barangay Kalandagan, Tacurong City then they transferred to Barangay San Pablo, Tacurong City. A farm who owned by my Aunt Lida.
They are the caretaker of that farm. Inday has two brothers and one sister namely Agong, Agnes and Dodong. Agong is her older brother.

Her brother Agong is working in his aunt in the market, as a labor and trustee of the store.
Her father took care of the farm while her mother is a plain housewife. After she graduated from High School she didn't got a chance to go to college. I think the main reason is financial. She doesn't have any choice but to enter as a housemaid in her aunt's house. Her uncle Mario her mothers brother is a wealthy and good businessman. They have cars and other properties.For me, I think they have everything that a man could ask for. Her task is to wake up early in the morning to clean the entire house. I remember when Mae my best friend and our friends will gather in their house, Inday will be the one to prepared our meals and clean our mess. My friends and I separated after our graduation in High school because we enrolled in different schools, places and courses. Some of us are now degree holders, some are still studying. Almost everyday I saw and chat with her. I once told her in our conversation that she should ask permission from her aunt to enrolled in college and earn something that cannot be stolen by any one its the EDUCATION.
and her family can do but to hold on to God. Last year 2007, Inday enrolled in St.Francis Institute here in Tacurong City. She took Computer Programing course to my surprise it is just one semester left she stopped from going to school because her aunt ask her to. She is now assigned in one of her aunt's business which is Internet cafe. Life is so cruel to Inday just this march her father died. She experienced let go the one she love even though it hurts. She accepted her fate I gave my sympathy to Inday and her family. She went on with her life serving other people and sometimes she forget her own happiness. Inday told me that she has many plans for her life and her family. I really like Inday's attitude her patience is long and she is not that type of person that gives up suddenly. Inday this is what I have to say from the bottom of my heart don't lose your dreams and your faith to God, He will give you what you are asking for in His time.God Bless you.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

"Welcome to the world of Unemployed"

After I graduated college last 2005. I'm fresh graduate and I have the eagerness to apply for a job that fits my qualifications. I was very happy that one of the company I applied called me up. I immediately answer the phone. They told me that tomorrow you are going to report in our main branch located in General Santos City. I was excited to hear the news and I prepared myself. Because I thought this is what I'm waiting for. My family approved my decision to go to General Santos City so that I can exercise my profession. My mother lend me money for my allowance. When I reached General Santos City I went to their Office. We are five applicants and after that we took exam. Luckily, out of five we are two who passed the exam. Ana one of the applicant became my friend. She also lives in Tacurong City. After two days, the employer called. She said go to General Santos City tomorrow for an interview. Ana and I went back to their office. They conducted three interviews. I didn't passed the interview. I don't know I think I'm not good in answering their questions that's why they didn't hire me. My friend Ana got the job. When I reach our house. Its raining and our house is full of water. I said to myself the mother nature is sympathizing with me. My love ones was comforting me. I feel down and they cheered me up. That night mom told me you will manage our store. Right now I'm happy with my life I can buy what I want. But I'm just human I don't want to be hypocrite I'm not contented with what I have I want to go abroad to work as a caregiver to earn more money to help my family.

Rice Crisis

Citizens of the Philippines are now suffering from the high cost of rice. Over the years, we claimed as the number one exporter of rice. But now we are the number one importer of rice. We are the ones who introduced to Vietnam, Thailand and some neighboring countries on how to plant rice. The basic food that of every family. Rice is rich in carbohydrates which our body needs. Even in our Hometown who is known as rice producing place we are not exempted from this crisis. My fellow Tacurongnons suffered from rain or shine and fall in line in the only National Food Authority outlet in the market. National Food Authority is a government agency whose duty is to provide food for every Filipino. They help financial subsidy such as selling the affordable prices of rice. NFA sell their rice of P18.25 per kilo and American rice which is worth P25 per kilo. I have heard many complains from the buyers of NFA rice when its cooked its smelly and lapsed. The technique of the delicious rice is to wash thoroughly one buyer added his story to me.

Jordan Runaways

Two Sundays passed, while I scan the channel in my television. I stop to watch the documentary report in ANC. It intrigues me to watch the life of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) in Jordan. They run away from the cruelty of their employers. It is documented by TJ Manotoc who personally went to Jordan to investigate. They are abused not just physically but emotionally and mentally. I cant help myself to cry to see my fellow Filipinos grieving from pain in the hands of their employer.In the Philippines they are considered as modern Filipino Heroes. Because of their remittances that they send to their love ones here in the Philippines. It really breaks my heart while watching them and telling their own stories. I remember Zarah from Maguindanao. She went to Jordan to work as a Domestic Helper. Her employer ask her to massage him while his wife went out. While she is massaging Him, he tried to kiss her but she refused. To the surprised of her employer he get a pipe then he hit Zarah's back. She also added in her story that she is not eating at the proper time and sometimes she is sleeping in the toilet. They treat us like servants, not humans with dignity.One night, she sneak out in the window and jump so that she can escape. She went to the Philippine Embassy. Where the consul advised her that she has three options:
First pay all the fees that the agency has spend to her.
Secondly go back to her employer and finish the contract.
Thirdly paid your employer for the breach of contract.
I said to myself what kind of options is that? It is an option to just commit suicide. The Consul of the Embassy should be the first one to help our OFW. TJ investigate Zarah's background and he found out that she is minor. She is just seventeen years old.She faked her papers just to go abroad. Zarah change her name to Zahara and place her age as thirty years old in her passport. There are many anomalies in our government's agency. They should take action on this situation not just there and do nothing. These is serious situation.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Psycho mother

I was watching the news in my television and one news that catches my attention. That makes me hurt and mad. I cannot believe that a mother of three will stabbed her children. Popoy who is seven years old, his sister Nene five years old, and his younger brother Totoy one year old. According to the report their father left the house to find money. While the mother stayed in the house and took care of the children. Suddenly, the mother's eyesight turns into black. She lose control over herself. She thought that her children were monsters. She get the knife in the kitchen and proceed to the receiving area where her children are playing. And immediately she lift her hand with a knife and stabbed her children. She enjoyed stabbing them. Popoy got eight, Nene got nine , and Totoy got five stabs. When their neighbor happened to pass by in their house. She immediately rescued the children. She grabbed the children and shout for help. She run as fast as she could to get to the nearest hospital. Luckily, the three children were out of danger. Until now the three children are recovering from the wounds they got and traumatic experience. The reporter ask why did she commit this crime? Her defensive answer was I did these because of poverty. According to her husband his wife is suffering from psychological disorder. The children are now afraid to see their mother. The first thing that comes into their head were their mother is a murderer and she will hurt them again. The three children are now in the care of BANTAY BATA FOUNDATION, INC. They are the one helping the children to recover from the tragedy they went through and forget the painful experience in the hands of their psycho mother.

Lindsay Lohan

The hottest woman in Hollywood is Lindsay Lohan. She is always the headline of every tabloids. Whenever she goes the camera is always pointing at her. Sometimes she runs out of patience to the paparazzi. She has no freedom especially now that she and Samantha Ronson a DJ had an affair. Ronson is a lesbian. I don't want to judge Lindsay. Every person in this world has the right to be happy to love and to be loved. If she fall in love with a lesbian. I don't see any wrong with that. They are just expressing their feelings.

Jason Castro

I'm avid fan of American Idol. My first glance to Jason Castro is he's hot and good looking especially when I noticed his blue eyes. As the competition goes on, I forgot who Jason Castro was. He's music is not that hot anymore. Sometimes he's out of tune and he was not able to escape from Simon Cowell's negative comments. Simon Cowell was known who give bad comments to the contestants. He doesn't care If he hurt your feelings. You have to accept his comments because he is one of the judges in the competition. I agreed to Simon this time I quote when he says this "Jason you are just good looking but you have no talent in singing".

Friday, July 25, 2008

I went to mass

I woke up today around 8 o'clock in the morning. After I finished my morning routine I took a bath and select the clothes that I'm going to wear. After fixing myself, I bade goodbye to my brother where he is busy cooking our breakfast at the same time washing his laundry. After 5 minutes of waiting outside, finally I got a chance to ride in the tricycle. Every Sunday is considered as rest day of tricycle drivers. When I enter the church I seated in front approximately 3 meters from the Altar. The presiding priest was Fr.Charlie Celeste, DCC. I like Father Charlie when he share his homily. His chosen words was so touching it inspires me to listen to Him. I noticed this woman seating beside me. My first impression to her was she is beautiful. Whenever there's music playing she sings, dance and smiled you'll never guess that she is suffering from mental disorder. Seating beside her was her Father, as the mass goes on she acts strangely. I pity her, I can relate what she is going through because of my experience with my Father. My Father has psychological problem. He act just like her and I hate Him for doing that.It makes me irritated. I love my Father and I will understand Him no matter what.
Of course, people misjudge this kind of personality but for me judging them will lower their self esteem.Please help them and don't judge their physical appearance.

First Friday

I went to Church to hear mass and have my confession. It was a rainy day I decided to wear my sweat shirt. As I enter the church, the mass has not yet started. Our Divine Mercy coordinator Ate Alice Garcia was giving us a briefing on what had happen in the 1st Divine Mercy Congress in Rome. I feel amazed when I heard her experiences and she told us that the next congress will be in Poland where it is the homeland of Pope John Paul II who canonized St. Faustina Kowalska the founder of the Divine Mercy. I said to myself from four years time, I have a stable job I will let my parents to go on a pilgrimage. I want them to enjoy and feel God's blessings I have so many plans for them. As I gazed at the back, I saw my two aunts. Nanay Baby Carbonilla and Nanay Cana Delgado they are my Moms sisters. I went to their bench and seat beside them. I kiss them as a sign of respect. I did the same way to other elders. After the mass, we prayed the Holy Hour while waiting for my turn to confess. I'm the last confessor of Fr.Charlie Celeste, DCC. I told him my sins and ask for an advise that I got jealous with Sam because he is practicing his caregiver abroad. He volunteered in Health Center just to have experience. Fr.Charlie advised me that it is normal for a person to feel jealousy. It's good that you admit rather than denying it. You have to keep on praying to God and he will give you what you are asking for. God will answer it if you have faith in Him Trust him with all your heart he added. As I listen to Fr.Charlie's advised, I cannot help to fall my tear. Indeed he is right I am nothing without God in my side.

Amanda Overmyer

Amanda Overmyer is just 23 years old. I like her when she sings rock songs. I like her personality I feel sad when she voted out last ]March . I'm looking forward to see her videos and albums. She has a potential to be a good rocker. Amanda sign me as your greatest fan. Good luck Amanda I hope I can hear from you soon..

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Dad turns 52

Yesterday my Dad celebrate his birthday. Before that special day we made preparations to make these event a successful one. Last May 1, Mom and Dad went to Koronadal City to talk to my aunts and uncles who were residing in there about the problem that we encountered in the farm. That conversation they had I thought could settle the conflict between the family. But I was wrong My uncle who is the older brother of my father is the one making things so complicated. My dad love to stay in our farm. He said he has many accomplishments when takes control there. He is pet lover.His pet includes chicken, duck, dog, cat and swine. He enjoyed raising them and living in the farm. His brother wants him to leave the farm so that He will be the one to take over the farm. That farm is ancestral, which my father and his seven siblings inherit from their parents and the old house still standing which we called ancestral house. My dad is soft hearted person He cannot voice out his feelings. He will keep his mouth shut. As you can see my dad is silent person. His brother is working in the government while my dad is just a simple man who cant stand on his own without my Mom. Just this time, he is proving that he is worthy in his own way to help us. Mom open up to my aunts about the situation but the sad part is they don't consider that my dad needs more attention that his brother. It's unfair that after all this time what is due to my dad is still for his brother.It really hurts me.It breaks my heart.I pray to God that everything will be fine..I'm sorry for what I've said.Just expressing what is in my heart.

Used Clothes

I have this kind of attitude which I inherit from my mother impulsive buying. It has been one year that I'm engage of buying used clothes. Here in our City every Wednesday and Saturday are considered as market days. The owners place their products in the folding bed and sometimes they will place it in the stall. There are various types of product that they are selling this includes t-shirts, shorts, pants, under wears, curtains, bed sheets, pillow cases and many more. Sometimes if you are lucky you can pick branded clothes and if you want to save don't hesitate to come here. The price is very cheap compared to the department store. Before I'll wear the clothes that I bought I make sure that I washed it with hot water and put some disinfectant.


My mom woke me up around 7'o'clock in the morning.But I'm hesitant to get up It's nice to lie down with your comforter around you. To prevent my Mom from nagging I forced myself to get up. I made sign of the cross and recite my morning prayer which Rick Warren introduces me in his book entitled Purpose Driven Life. The prayer goes this way "God whether I get anything else done today, I want to make sure that I spend time loving you and loving other people because that what's life is all about". As I about to get up from my bed I saw my dog TJ he ran up to me and greeted me. And Alex followed Him.I hug both of them and sing good morning song. That is my morning routine.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rainy Days

It's raining for four successive days. My clothes that i washed last week are still wet. It smells not good. So, instead I will save I'm forced to used fabric conditioner because of the weather condition. Last night I saw in the news that typhoon Butchoy leave the country. And typhoon cosme is on his way to the Philippines . Typhoon Butchoy leave the country with numerous damages. Butchoy damage the province of Sultan Kudarat especially in Lambayong and Esperanza. The typhoon hits the houses, roads, bridges and the worst is the rice fields where the local farmers get their primary income. So sad that mother nature is paying back what we done. Plants and trees are preventing the flood. We should take responsible in planting tress.

Erik Spoeltra (Fil-Am Coach)

Erik Spoeltra was the first Filipino coach in the history of National Basketball Association. He is now the head coach of Miami Heat after Pat Riley retired from coaching. It is a great privilege especially for the Filipino heritage. We can stand our heads high, because we are now known in the world.This thirty-seven years old man is a native in San Pablo, Laguna. Where his mother Elisa Caridad Celino who was once a teacher in Laguna.She went to United States to settle down where she met Jon Spoeltra a Dutch-Irish.The fruit of their love is this great guy. Im proud to be a Filipino.

My Brother's Blessing

May 13, 2008 at 2:55 in the afternoon.I received a call from my cousin Lynette, informing my brother that he is hired in City Hall as Data Encoder in the Assessors Office.I jump for joy for Him because for more than a year of waiting. There are times when he went to the City Hall he feels disappointed because the item that supposed to be his was given to someone else. Last year, he volunteered for the campaign of Mayor Lino O. Montilla. He sacrifice so much in volunteering in the campaign period. He woke up early in the morning which he is not used to do. They went to barrios and Poblacion to get the sympathy of the constituents of Tacurong City. The task given to him was he will be the one to give water to the candidates when they are thirsty after their speech. Before they leave, he make sure that all the things they brought were in place. He suffered from lack of sleep and doesn't have enough time to check our farm. God never sleep He answered each and every one's prayer in his time.Thank you Lord for answering our prayer.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Koronadal City

Last Thursday I went to Koronadal City. My purpose was to go to TECHNICAL AND SKILLS DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY (TESDA) to have my certificates in caregiver authenticated and verified. But the employees went to Cebu to attend their seminar. I grabbed my chance to roomed around the city. It has been more than a year since my last visit. I saw the progress of the city. They build plenty of business establishments and buildings such as boarding houses, dormitories and restaurants.Go Koronadal!Aim High!

Fr.Charlie did it again!

Fr.Charlie's homily last night as me and my mom went to mass last night.As iam listening to the gospel its about Jesus told his disciples in john 24-36 "LOVE one another ad i have loved you".It strike my heart just like cupid.Love it is easy word to say but it is hard to show.Love your enemies,those who have hurt you,those spit in your face,those who back fight you.It is hard to do that but because of Love we should as a catholics.I remember when i was in elementary,i have a crush for three years.This girl just transferred from private school.I'm enrolled in my elementary years in public school.Because I was so ashamed (torpe) I never have a chance to talk to her.Every time I pass in her classroom,I just stare at her and do nothing.She brightens my day.I'm inspired to go to school if she'd around.I just fantasizing her in my dreams.Her second degree cousin was my classmate and my friend.She the one telling my crush that I said Hi!Hello!Regards!.I don't have the guts to do it.When i don't see her for a day.Im lonely.When our path cross it makes me tremble.That's the first time i feel puppy love or infatuated to someone.After our graduation in elementary.We separated ways,she enrolled in Davao City.That's what I heard from her cousin.I just laugh when I remember that.They said Love hurts.Its true.Before you appreciate love.You must be hurt first.That's how ironic love is.

MY College Alma mater (NDMU)

I went to Notre Dame of Marbel University.And in God's mercy I finished my bachelor's degree.I have sad and funny memories in my college days.There was a time in my first year.I received a failing grade in my major subject which is accounting 111.I felt disappointed.It's a difficult subject and same through with the teacher.Ma'am Ferrer I find her difficult to understand especially for me that is slow learner.I feel that I'm all alone, have no friends and the ambiance is different from the high school years.It has been a year before I adjust.In the second semester I still got a failing grade in the mathematics 102. Again,I disappointed my mom who is paying for my tuition.But I told to myself and put it in my head that these money that my mom is paying for is not a joke.It's her sweat and hard work.I took summer class in order to make me a regular student.As time passes by my grades went well.I didn't receive failing grades.But seventy five percent 75% still a passing grade..hehehehe!!

David won the American Idol season 7

Hometown: Murray, UT Favorite Quote: "You'll never be lonely if you learn to befriend yourself." Audition City: San Diego Musical Influences: Natalie Cole, Stevie Wonder, Kirk Franklin, Bryan Adams.
Age: 25 Hometown: Blue Springs, MO Favorite Quote: "Pain don't hurt." - Patrick Swayze in "Roadhouse" Audition City: Omaha Musical Influences: Our Lady Peace, Big Wreck.
Its head to head between David Archuleta and David Cook.What i like David A.He's charming while you watching him sing he's face is cute like a puppy that you want to cuddle.His voice has a charisma that you want to hear over and over again. the other night me and my brother was watching American idol in star world in season marathon.He didn't stop telling me that David's gesture is like gay.David A.are you?David C. is so cool.He is taking risk.He make the song sound rock.Which I really like to listen and jam with his voice.He has originality.I bet he will win the season 7 American Idol.